EXPLO Admission Considerations + Community Standards


Our Rules + Standards Guide In addition to the above, there are other rules and guidelines governing student conduct at the program. Enrolled students receive a Rules + Standards guide in the early winter and are responsible for reading it, knowing its contents, and following all program rules and guidelines described therein. Students are also responsible for following the rules and guidelines set by our staff during the course of the program. Any questions or concerns about our community standards or rules should be brought to the Head of Programs . Supporting our Policies + Procedures EXPLO not only forms a relationship with the student who attends the program, but also with their parents/guardians. For the program to work in a positive and safe way for our students, parents/guardians must be able to support our policies and procedures. EXPLO reserves the right to dismiss a currently enrolled student if the student's parents/guardians are not cooperative and/or compliant with EXPLO policies and procedures. In addition, EXPLO reserves the right in subsequent summers to deny enrollment for similar reasons.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for [my son] to experience living away from home. He has learned about other people’s lives and, most importantly, he has been able to work on cooperating and compromising with others.

Karen B. Parent, EXPLO New York


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