EXPLO Admission Considerations + Community Standards

COMMUNITY STANDARDS: BOSTON Year after year, students and theirparents/guardiansdescribe the environment ofEXPLO Boston as accepting, nurturing, safe, and fun.

The Standards of EXPLO Students tell us year after year that EXPLO is an environment where they feel safe, supported, and comfortable. A place where they feel they can truly be themselves. A place where they can stretch and be stretched, and not worry about what others think. It really is an incredible environment, and creating this kind of atmosphere doesn’t happen by accident. If EXPLO is going to deliver on its mission for students to challenge themselves and discover the world of people and ideas, then we need to set up a community that helps students do these things. We start with community standards that are saturated in common sense and the golden rule: Don’t lie, steal, cheat, or hit others. Do treat others as you know you would like to be treated: with respect, courtesy, care, thoughtfulness, and so on. Respect for Students EXPLO knows its students well. We know how old they are, and we understand the developmental stage in which their minds, bodies and emotions currently reside. We do not treat our students as if they are younger than they are — that would be disrespectful. But neither do we treat them as if they are older than they are — that would be dangerous and anxiety-provoking for both students and their families. Our Rules + Standards Guide We believe in communicating our expectations directly, clearly, and respectfully. We have a Rules + Standards g uide that lays out the behavior we expect. Within the first days that a student arrives, Advisors go over the rules and standards, and encourage students to ask questions to make sure they know what we mean. Also, students in each smaller community, such as advisor groups, residential floors and classrooms, all participate in setting standards for behavior for their particular group. How will they take turns using the showers? Is it okay to just call out an answer, or should we raise our hands? More than one way can work, but students get to discuss how they would like to do it within their group. Creating the Ideal Community At EXPLO, we believe we have hit the best balance between responsibility and freedom, because we know they work hand in hand. The art and craft of having a successful living and learning environment is balancing the two with thoughtfulness and care, fully aware of who your students are, and the kind of community you want to create.


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