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Founded in 2011, IntelliPay is an innovative SaaS provider of end-to-end card payment solutions. Our intelligent cloud-based payment suite and reduced and no-cost fee options provide our clients with easy out-of-the-box, custom, and integrated solutions. In addition, our 60 years of combined experience in payments processing technology allows us to deliver payment solutions tailored to any partner’s payment and back- end system needs. IntelliPay is large enough to support any enterprise opportunity and small enough to provide the products and individualized support that a constantly changing payments environment requires.

Paysafecash (E-Cash)

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QuickBooks Integration



Paysafecash (eCash)

Paysafecash (eCash) is a payment option on our Online Payment Page and Lightbox solutions. When eCash is selected, a barcode and eCash location map appears. Customer downloads or saves the barcode and takes it to a location on the map to make the cash payment. eCash payments are accepted at over 60,000 U.S. locations. How it works • Enables un(der) banked and cash customers to buy online • Reaches new potential customer market – 60 million consumers • Promotes financial inclusion by eliminating barriers to digital services • Easy-to-use and manage Why eCash?


Enables online purchases made with cash New payment option built into our payment products Inclusion for unbanked and security conscience customers

Organizations supporting financial inclusion of the 60 million+ un(der) banked and security risk-averse cash customers. Use Cases


IntelliPay has partnered with a mobile app provider called Papaya. Papaya’s technology allows a customer to take a picture of their invoice and the mobile app automatically makes the payment with the payment method stored during registration. How it works

Converts paper invoices into digital payments Reduces time spent processing analog payments Supported by IntelliPay payment products QUICK FACTS

• Additional customer payment option • Turns any paper invoice into a digital payment • Reduces time spent on processing paper invoices • Available in IntelliPay front-end payment products Why Papaya?

for your customers to pay 3 EASY STEPS

Payment is processed through your existing

Intellipay merchant account

1) Snap a pic of the bill

2) Choose a payment method

3) Kick back as Papaya submits your payment

Additional consumer payment option that reduces time spent processing analog payments. Use Cases WHY ADOPT PAPAYA Setup is Fast, Easy, and Free

Search Papaya Pay in the App Store Learn more at

2X faster payments when customers pay with Papaya

Quickbooks Integration

Our integration with QuickBooks allows you to seamlessly process payments with IntelliPay. Compatible with QuickBooks Desktop or Online version; invoices and payment history are securely tracked on both platforms, providing peace of mind that your and your customer’s data is safe. Customer and transaction details are also individually listed and reconciled across both platforms. How it works • Use our front-end solutions and payment options with QuickBooks • Real-time transaction data and synchronization • Detailed transaction data • Transaction details reconciled across platforms Why QuickBooks Integration?


Integration with QuickBooks desktop & online versions Single sign-on to check outstanding invoices or create new ones Leverages IntelliPay front-end products & payment options

Small – medium-sized businesses using QuickBooks and want a powerful no-cost payment solution. Use Cases


Our partnership with LevelCredit gives merchants an option to help their customers build their credit by giving them credit for regular payments through integration with the customer’s bank account. No cost to the merchant; you provide the link to the app. It is a value-added service that helps your business stand apart from the competition. How it works • Financially inclusive • Direct-to-customer service helps build goodwill and attract customers • No cost to the merchant • Nothing to buy, install or maintain Why LevelCredit?


An app that helps less credit-worthy customers build their score Customer downloads the app and links it to their bank. App reports rent, gas, etc.payments to the three credit bureaus. Financially inclusive

How to build credit using your bills

Connect to your bank account SIgn up and login securely to your bank account.

We’ll find your bills Using your rent, cell phone, electric, water and gas payments. Your credit score grows Adding those payments to your credit profile as new accounts, you’ll see your score grow..

A direct-to-customer service that will help any merchant attract more customers and promote financial inclusion. Use Cases

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