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Mick Law P.C. LLO: Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Mick Law is a specialty firm comprised of a�orneys who each possess a concentrated area of exper�se and in-depth knowledge. The a�orneys also have professional and educa�onal creden�als, including MBAs and securi�es industry licenses. While providing a broad range of legal services to our valued clients, our firm focuses on two principal areas of prac�ce: Broker/Dealer, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Family Office Representa�on; and Real Estate Finance. Addi�onal areas of prac�ce include Real Estate Transac�ons, Corporate Law, Corporate Finance, FINRA Adver�sing Review, and Li�ga�on. Broker/Dealer, Registered Investment Advisor, Family Office Representa�on: Our firm understands the needs of today’s local and na�onal broker/dealers, registered investment advisors, and family offices since we have been in their shoes. Firm a�orneys have been employed by broker/dealers who have syndicated real estate equity offerings in hospitality, senior living, office and retail development and acquisi�on, and have provided business planning and tax counsel. Our firm’s due diligence representa�on involves a concentra�on in real estate equity fund, development project, distressed debt and REIT reviews. We also have significant experience in oil and gas, private equity, leasing and mortgage securi�es products. We provide clients individualized legal opinions with an addi�onal focus on project and fund structure, financing, valua�on and exit analysis. We believe this experience allows us to assist our clients by understanding not only what the regulators require, but more importantly how a DPP product compares to its peer group and the likelihood of program performance. Our Mission: As we at Mick Law hold ourselves to the highest professional and personal standards, we know that our clients deserve the same. We feel that it is impera�ve in today’s business environment to provide the highest level of legal representa�on, quality customer service, valuable economic analysis, and reasoned direc�on. Very simply, our firm is investor-centric.

MICK LAW P.C. LLO A Due Diligence Law Firm (402) 504-1710 www.micklawpc.com

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