The Livewell Clinic - November 2018

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This past year, my role withThe Livewell Clinic has adapted. I’ve had to don the CEOhat more often than the care-provider hat as I stepped up to foster business expansion. As someone who is deeply invested inmy work, I was sad to step away and worried about what that move would mean. Still, I knew I was doing something that would ultimately benefit our patients, employees, and clinic. We’re pretty lucky here atThe Livewell Clinic. We have employees who are passionate and committed to the work we do, and our patients trust us to help them foster good health. As I took time to grow the business in 2018, I was still able to pop in and witness these success stories unfold. One recent story sticks out to me. Aman who has only been with our clinic for a short time came in recently with his water bottle and binder, ready to get to work. He was radiating positivity and telling us how thankful he was to be there. He said the answers he was receiving were helping him feel better. Whether he knew it or not, feeling and expressing that gratitude was working wonders for his health. Gratitude plays a major role in stress reduction and well-being. You can apply the correct diet and focus on exercise, but if you don’t address what’s happening in your life, you’re avoiding a key part of wellness. Regardless of your situation, you have to connect to positivity. Expressing an appreciation for what you have, what has happened, and those who are present for you will create purposeful living. You’ll feel empowered to do and feel better! You can read more about this phenomenon on Page 3 of this month’s newsletter. I’m a firm believer in practicing what I preach. Like our experts atThe Livewell Clinic recommend, I keep a gratitude journal of sorts. It’s not precisely the kind that the clinic introduces to patients, but I’ve adapted it to my lifestyle, just as patients should. I use a five-minute journal to briefly record what I’ve done and should be thankful for. And I’ve had plenty to appreciate in 2018.

I’m forever thankful for my employees and patients as they continue to give me an opportunity to spread and grow Livewell’s mission. I appreciate the development groups I’m part of and the cohorts of other business owners I’ve met during this time of expansion. They give me a sense of camaraderie in my pursuits. I’m thankful that I was givenmore opportunities to read and do research this year so that I may further educate myself about my practice and mission. Most of all, I’m thankful for my wife, Tammy. She’s been by my side during this time of change, and she’s supported bothme andThe Livewell Clinic more than she could ever know. She saw a need and stepped in, making her own sacrifices along the way. Despite the initial anxiety of transitioning into a new role in 2018, I’m thankful for the opportunities it provided and the people who stepped up along withme. As the year comes to an end, I hope you’ll take time to find positivity in your life. I think you’ll be surprised by how lucky you are—and how good you’ll feel.

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