The Livewell Clinic - November 2018


Thanksgiving conversation is often a minefield of topics: political divides, your English degree, and Aunt Marjory’s insistence that you meet her neighbor’s cousin's dog walker’s uncle’s son who’s a fantastic up-and-coming podiatrist. Between constantly passing the potatoes and dodging your relatives’ questions, Thanksgiving can be an exhausting holiday. But it’s a day to be grateful for what and whom you have in your life, so why do so many people leave their annual gatherings feeling overwhelmed and misunderstood? This year, when the conversation begins steering in an awkward direction, try these conversation starters for a more relaxing and fulfilling holiday. 1. What’s your pet been up to? Maybe Fluffy learned a new trick or Oscar is undergoing some intensive grooming next week. Whatever the case may be, people love to talk about their pets. 2. WhatThanksgiving dish can you not live without? Without going culinary critic on your grandma’s meal, gush about your favorite dish. Just like with pets, people love discussing foods and recipes. You may start a fun debate or a recipe swap with this question. 3. Dad did what as a kid? Getting to know your relatives, friends, and significant others better will only strengthen those bonds. You’ll likely hear some interesting stories you can share with others and forge a stronger connection with your relatives. 4. Stupid human tricks, anyone? Let’s see those double joints! This one might not be for the squeamish at the dinner table, but it’s a fun, goofy activity that’s best shared over a glass of after-dinner wine. 5. How about we get coffee? Sometimes part of the stress of answering your relatives’ questions stems from holiday pressures. It may force you to address your bank account, love life, and general life choices. If you really do want to talk about your job or your love life with relatives, suggest meeting up again without the holiday atmosphere. While you’re all in one place trying to enjoy a piece of pie, plan a family winery tour, beach day, or camping trip. Family situations will always be a little stressful, but without the pressure of the holidays, you might feel more relaxed. DODGING THANKSGIVING AWKWARDNESS CONVERSAT IONS APPROPR IATE FOR THE DINNER TABLE

During the course of their long friendship, Dr. Zac often joked with Christina Davis, asking her to come work for him at The Livewell Clinic. By the time Christina had her second child, she decided it was time to move on from a job that required her to travel 70 percent of the time. After a more serious conversation, Dr. Zac and Christina agreed that it was time for her to join The Livewell Clinic team, since this was a job that would allow her more time with her family. Four years later, Christina is happy she took the leap. “It’s certainly not easy work. It’s certainly not a no-stress job. It’s certainly not a slow pace,” Christina says. “At the same time, what we do is incredibly important, and we make people well. We empower people to take control of their health.” Since she began at The Livewell Clinic, Christina has worn many hats. She started working up front, transitioned into marketing and business growth, and is currently the interim director of operations for the clinic. Her role is ever-changing and expanding. But unlike her experience in large business, Christina feels like she’s contributing to a tangible dream and vision for patients. “It’s seeing things actually come to fruition,” Christina says. “We see the results of what we’re doing. It’s fun to see all the hard work pay off.” When she isn’t helping serve patients or grow the business, Christina spends time with her two kids and her husband of 22 years, a local chiropractor. She enjoys traveling and going to the movies, but her most recent and favorite hobby is aerial artistry. Resulting from a two-year family goal to challenge themselves, and at the insistence of one of her kids, Christina decided to do more than just take a few classes on acrobatics. You can now catch Christina flying through the skies at two exhibition shows and a few other events throughout the year, like the Iowa State Fair. Christina says the best part is that she gets to tap into a different version of herself in a theatrical-style outlet. Whether she’s flying high or managing our clinic, we appreciate the hard work Christina does for The Livewell Clinic and our patients each day. Keep up the great work, Christina!


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