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degree in finance. I worked as a mortgage broker for some time, and after a while, I decided I wanted something else for my life. The Story of How I Came to Run Janet Davis Cleaners At that time, about 10 years ago, my dad was hiring for management positions at Janet Davis Cleaners and, not knowing that I wanted a career change, asked me if I wanted to come on. He made me an offer to work with the family and as it turned out, I was a good fit for the position. When I was younger, the main reason I never wanted to own the business was because it was the job that kept my dad at work and away from home. I saw how often he had to work, and I decided that I wanted to be home with my family more than my dad was able to be. However, once I understood the business for what it was and the passion my dad had for his work, the idea of running the business grew on me. Over the years, my passion for my job grew, too. One of the coolest things about our business is that we have the perfect mix of old and new. The founding principles of our business, the ones Janet Davis and her father outlined in 1938, are still the values that keep us running, but now we have new technology to help us meet our customers’ expectations. My degree has helped me bring a different perspective to the business, and our metrics have been nailed down to a science. Our values have kept us up and running, and it’s my goal to make sure our technology and processes match those values. Although I treat Janet Davis Cleaners just as I would any other business, it is truly my nameplate and my DNA. I feel a certain sense of pride knowing that my family founded and successfully ran such a highly regarded business, and it’s my job to make sure I live up to that name.

Before Janet Davis Cleaners ever existed, Janet Davis’ father owned a cleaning company inside of Detroit called Rainbow Cleaners. After a few years of business, her father decided to sell the company, and when he did, he signed a noncompete agreement. However, Janet’s father was excellent at what he did, and in 1938, he and Janet founded Janet Davis Cleaners in her name.

Janet Davis Cleaners has been a family-owned business since the beginning. After running the business with her father, Janet married and ran the business with her husband. The business was always hers. When her sons, Frank and Fred, were grown, they took over. Eventually, Fred ran the company by himself. My paternal grandmother was the cousin of Fred and Frank. My dad bought the business from Fred, and today as a fifth generation family memeber, my dad and I run it together. When I was growing up, I never had any intention of working for Janet Davis Cleaners, let alone running it. I worked at the cleaners in high school, just like my siblings, and the only thought that crossed my mind was that I just wasn’t interested in the family business. I attended Michigan State University after high school, and I graduated with honors with a

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