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Founded in 2011, IntelliPay is an innovative SaaS provider of end-to-end card payment solutions. Our intelligent cloud-based payment suite and reduced and no-cost fee options provide our clients with easy out-of-the-box, custom, and integrated solutions. In addition, our 60 years of combined experience in payments processing technology allows us to deliver payment solutions tailored to any partner’s payment and back- end system needs. IntelliPay is large enough to support any enterprise opportunity and small enough to provide the products and individualized support that a constantly changing payments environment requires.


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Online Payment Page

OneLink Portal Lightbox Online

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Payment Wizard Terminal Batch Upload Terminal

IVR - Interactive Voice Response


How it works


The OneTerminal is the multi-tool of payment forms. Ideal for call center and phone-in orders, in-person EMV payments, and all card- present or card-not-present environments. Its dropdown menus, custom data fields, and departmental logos make it the terminal every department or location can use. Schedule payments, send pay now links, manage cash receipts, and more with OneTerminal. • Over-the-phone and recurring payments • Supports multiple locations, unlimited users • Cash payment tracking and drawer management • Generates email pay-now links and automated receipts Why use our One Terminal?

Virtual terminal All CP/CNP payments, plus recurring payments & payment plans Fully hosted on our network reduces PCI audit scope

All organizations that need a single payment solution for every department or location. Use Cases

Online Payment Page

How it works

Online Payment page is easily added to any web page Integratable version available Fully hosted on our network, reduces PCI audit scope QUICK FACTS

Customers and staff can use the online payment page as a hosted webform on any web-connected device for card-present payments. The modern, clean interface enables custom data fields, branding, terms, Gpay, and eCash payments. Post-back data is available to host applications when integrated with existing systems. • Quickly add payments to any page or application • Customizable fields and brandable • Single solution - two configuration options • Centralized, real-time reporting for all payments • Used as a hosted web from, documentation for easy integration Why use our Online Payment Page?

Any organization that wants a single, fully-hosted, customizable payment solution for every department or location. Use Cases

OneLink Portal

How it works

Creates secure on-demand payment links via text and email Pre-fills customer data Built-in link history viewer QUICK FACTS

Easily create and securely send on-demand “pay now” links with customized messages and attachments via email and text using our intuitive OneLink Portal. Links are securely and automatically generated and can include information collected when sending the link. In addition, a built-in history viewer keeps track of “Links” sent.

Why Use OneLink?

• Sends secure “pay-now” links via text and email • Built-in templates plus the ability to create custom messages

• Complete history of inks sent • Easy to implement and use • Works with your current merchant account

Any organization can use text and email on-demand payment links to speed payments. In addition, email or text reminders may reduce late payments. Use Cases

Lightbox Online

How it works

Lightbox Online is a payment form that floats over existing website or software content Payers submit payments without appearing to leave site or application Sample code makes integration easy QUICK FACTS

Lightbox Online adds a simple payment pop-up to any payment or invoicing screen, making card-present payments convenient for customers and staff alike. Lightbox online is ideal for kiosks and other internet-enabled self-service stations. In addition, all transactions are on our PCI network, reducing merchant PCI audit scope.

• Robust tool with many configurable features • Quickly add payments to any page or application • Customizable and brandable • Centralized, real-time reporting for all payments • Sample code and documentation for easy integration Why use Lightbox?

Adding card-present payments to on-premise devices to kiosks or internet- enabled terminals. Use Cases

Payment Wizard Terminal

How it works

Online store and checkout capabilities without the need for a customized ecommerce solution. Payers submit payments without appearing to leave the site Easy to implement and use QUICK FACTS

The payment wizard is a shopping cart and catalog in one. Individual items are added and priced; when selected, they are added to the shopping cart for easy checkout - online store capabilities without needing an e-commerce solution. Easily added to any web page with a custom link.

Why use the Payment Wizard?

• E-commerce catalog and cart • Quickly and easily added with a simple website link • Acts as a registration portal • Customizable and brandable • Cloud-based reporting on a line-by-line basis

If a parent needs to register multiple children for school, the parent can use the Payment Wizard to pay for all of her children’s registrations and fees in one visit. Another use case scenario will be for Government entities that may have residents that want to pay their utility bills and their traffic ticket in one online visit. Use Cases

Batch Upload Terminal

How it works


Secure and easy way to upload files into the IntelliPay payment suite. Upon upload, we check and flag duplicate files at the transaction and batch levels. Duplicate files are flagged and reversed when a settlement file is received. Additionally, potentially fraudulent transactions are flagged and reviewed by our risk department.

Fast and secure upload of sensitive files Available anywhere using cloud-based console Easy to use – we set it

• Secure file uploads • Simple to use • Data is imported directly into our database Why IntelliPay’s Plug-in?

up for you, nothing to buy or download

Pre-populate customer data into web forms and other IntelliPay front-end solutions. Use Cases

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

How it works

Adds another contactless payment option Basic, semi-integrated and integrated options Easy REST API integration QUICK FACTS

IVRs give consumers a contactless, self-serve way to pay while reducing late and delinquent payments. In the past, IVRs were cumbersome and expensive. IntelliPay’s IVR solution is easy to set up and use and steps up from basic pay-by-phone functionality to a fully integrated solution with transactions recorded in real-time. For more on our IVR solutions, click here.

• Customizable to your business needs • Use only the features you need • More cost effective than a live operator • Easy-to-use, less complicated than other IVRs Why our IVR?

Corporate Headquarters 12884 S Frontrunner Blvd., Suite 220 Draper, UT 84020


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