Valoris is looking for a few good foster parents $0..6/"65 r  $0..6/ * 5: GREGG CHAMBERLAIN neighbourhoods, or at least their own com- munities, and not end up shunted off some- where else.

«Because that means changing schools, changing friends, changing everything,» said Demers. «The first goal of the program is to reunite the child with their parents.» That goal depends on the child being able to stay as close to home as possible while the parents work through whatever problems are creating havoc for the family and requiring foster parent care for the child. When Valoris receives a child into foster- ing, the first thing that the staff does is try to find a relative and a friend of the family who can offer the child or teenager a tem- porary home until they are able to go back to their own. «Fostering is always a last resort,» Du- pont said. If the family or friend options are not available, then the staff go through the foster parents list to see if they canmatch the child or teenager with a suitable foster parent able to meet the needs of the young client. Both Dupont and Demers stressed that there is no one single type of person who is considered worthy to be a foster parent. «Almost anyone can be a foster parent,» Dupont said, adding that foster parent can- didates can be traditional married couples, same-sex couples, grandparents, or other different backgrounds. The primary requirement for a good foster parent is that the person cares about the welfare of a child. «We want responsible adults who have

Somewhere in Prescott and Russell coun- ties, there are children who need a sym- pathetic ear, a place to stay that is safe, and maybe a hug to comfort and let themknow that things will work out alright in the end. That’s part and parcel of what a good foster parent can do, and Valoris Services for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell is looking for a few more names to add to their list of foster parents willing to open up their doors and their hearts to children Votre spécialiste en crédit et véhicules d’occasion Your specialist in credit and used vehicles

Sylvie Demers

Catherine Dupont

at heart the well-being of children in this community,» said Dupont. Potential recruits for the foster parent programgo through an assessment process where they and the Valoris staff work out what age range of child or teenager the ap- plicant might best work with and also what the foster parent can offer to help. «It’s a way for the (foster) family to know themselves better,» Demers said. Valoris is also in need of willing aides for its home-share program which offers service providers and/or homes for adults in the area whomay have physical or mental challenges. «We are always looking for families to open their hearts and homes for an adult with difficulties,» said Dupont. «The more homes we have, the better a match we can make.» More information is available at www.

and teenagers who need a place to stay for a little while. «We just want people to know we’re still recruiting,» said Sylvie Demers, one of Valo- ris’ clinical supervisors. «It (recruitment) is an ongoing process for us.» Valoris organized a pair of February in- formation workshops on foster parenting as part of its continuing promotion of foster parenting and recruitment of new potential foster parents for its young clients. Both Demers and Catherine Dupont, another Valoris clinical supervisor, noted that often many of the people who want to become foster parents have been thinking about the idea for some time before they take the first step to find out what is involved in the programand whether or not theymight be suitable candidates. First and foremost, they both explained, the goal of the foster parent program of Valoris is to help children stay in their own

Guaranteed Approval*

Approbation de crédit garantie Bon, mauvais ou aucun crédit* 3003 St-Joseph, Orléans 613-834-8885 Luc or Ray

* Need full-time job. Minimum income $1800/month * Besoin d’un emploi à temps plein. Revenu minimum de 1 800$/mois


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