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September is balance awareness month! At OBTS we specialize in balance issues and fear of falling. We have helped so many people over the years to recover and live active lives without balance issues. If you find yourself feeling dizzy or are unsteady on your feet you are not alone, we can help. Please check out this special newsletter geared toward those who may suffer with balance issues. We are committed to helping you. Check out the insert about our 3 Location “Balance Event.” You won’t want to miss it!

M O N T H L Y September 2017

Inside This Newsletter • A Letter From Arlan • Patient of the Month • Shoe Buying Tips • 9 Ways To Prevent Falls • 5 Ways to Increase Energy Levels 1. Thank the person who sent you here AND 2. Refer people that you care about to us Back By Popular Demand Our goal is to serve you with such a great experience that you:

Arlan Alburo, PT, MTC CEO, Co-Founder, OBTS

Thank you for being awesome clients:-) From all of us at OBTS we wish you a happy September!

Arlan Alburo


1. Buy the right size. Don’t choose shoes by the size marked inside. Go by how they feel on your feet. Even though you measure your feet, sizes can vary by style, shoe brand, company, and the country that makes the shoes. 2. Match shoes to the shape of your foot. Choose shoes that fit as closely as possible to the shape of your feet. 3. Take the wiggle test. The toebox of the shoes should be roomy enough so that you can wiggle your toes freely and without pressure – but not so loose that your feet slide around in the shoes.

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4. Buy shoes at the end of the day. The longer you’re on your feet, the more they swell. Most people’s feet are actually largest at the end of the day, after their daily activities. It’s important to fit and buy your shoes then. 5. Bring innerwear. Try on shoes with socks or any special inserts you normally would wear. 6. Allow a 3/8-inch to half-inch space from the tip of your longest toe to the tip of your shoes. The longest toe is usually either the great toe or the second toe. If you can push the tip of your index finger between the tip of your longest toe and the end of the shoes, the shoe length is adequate. 7. Make sure the widest part of your feet fit comfortably in the wide part of the shoes when you’re standing. One trick is to stand and have a friend draw the shape of your feet on a piece of paper. Take the paper with you when you buy your shoes and make sure the shoes you’re considering completely cover the drawing. 8. Don’t expect shoes to “stretch out.” If the shoes feel too tight, don’t buy them. With time, your feet may push or stretch shoes to fit, but this can cause foot pain and damage and should be avoided. 9. Avoid slipping. Make sure your heels aren’t slipping around in the shoes. 10. Take a walk. Before you buy them, put both shoes on and walk around the store. Make sure they fit and feel good.

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