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Hello, readers! For those who haven’t worked with me, my name is Chris Ivanic, and I started at Kinetic Physical Therapy last September. I have six years of experience in the field, as I worked at a few different clinics before finding my way here. I’ve seen various ways to run a clinic, but I have to say the family atmosphere at Kinetic can’t be beat. The one-on-one patient interactions make this place stand out. In my short time here, I’ve already made such great connections with people from so many walks of life — you just don’t see that at larger corporate clinics. I really admire what Mike and Emilie have built here. I decided to become a physical therapist while I was going to college. My mother had become an administrator at a clinic, and I owe it all to her for introducing me to this career. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, but there’s something especially rewarding about helping people get back to the activities they love. After witnessing the kind of work therapists were doing at my mom’s clinic, I knew this was the career for me. I suppose I also owe it to my mom for indirectly introducing me to my wife, Laura. About five years ago, the two of us met while doing therapy work in the same clinic. We’ve been happily married two years, and we both still work in the field. Thanks, Mom! I played baseball throughout college so I understand how important athletics are in people’s lives. Any time I can get a patient rehabilitated and back to playing their favorite sport (whether it be golf, tennis, or even crochet), it’s a win in my book. I like seeing patients regain that competitive spark. That’s probably why the balance board here at Kinetic, complete with its winning prize, is a personal favorite of mine.

Outside of work, I enjoy doing some minor woodworking. It’s nothing fancy — just some shelves and end tables. I spend most of my time (and energy) playing with my 19-month-old son, Caleb. He loves the playground, whether it’s going down the slide or getting a push on the swingset. He’s also very big on peekaboo at the moment; it always gets a giggle out of him!


Caleb’s playground sessions helped to underscore the work Laura and I do. Being able to keep up with such energetic little tykes, whether they’re children or grandchildren, is important to so many people. Enabling people to get back to such a meaningful experience is just one more reason why we love what we do. Whatever your fitness goals, know that I’m here to help you reach them. I’ve enjoyed meeting all the patients I’ve gotten to know in my first five months here at Kinetic Physical Therapy, and it’s an incredibly rewarding experience. If you spot me around the clinic, feel free to stop and chat!

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