American Consequences - January 2018

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called in economics an “agency problem.” The corporation has its own agenda. The union has its own agenda, too. What’s good for the agents of the corporation may not be good for the employees. But what’s good for the agents of the union may not be good for the employees either.

base was huge as there was not much for tack or western wear in the area. I do not knowwhat other kind of store would be successful to put in that mall to replace the closed ones, but perhaps there is a need if people look outside the box... Happy New Year to you. – Kay in Midland, TX P.J. O’Rourke comment: And Happy New Year to you, Kay. You make a very good point. My daughter is horsey herself and never buys her tack online. Riding boots and riding pants have to fit exactly right . Also, per Steve’s letter above, my daughter loves her “impulse buys.” Brick-and-mortar retailers need to focus on the things that people would rather not buy from strangers and things that people want to handle before they buy. For me, that would be shotguns! If I owned a mall, I’d be seeking an online goods provider to fill all or part of it as a distribution center. Then I’d hire lots old guys like me to deliver the boxes. UPS drivers screwed themselves into 200-package days by going Union. Union/ UPS business is like the government/ swamp fighting to maintain the status quo. – Rick Wendling P.J. O’Rourke comment: Rick, I’m no expert on the UPS labor situation, but I’m guessing that you’re right. Unions, like the corporations they sign contracts with, often have what’s

Re: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Enough about Bitcoin already. I thought your emails were going to be about sensible investment alternatives to Wall Street. Is Bitcoin your only suggestion? – Roy Axford P.J. O’Rourke comment: Not from me it isn’t! Bitcoin scares and mystifies me. How can I “invest” in a “business” that has no product and no tangible assets? It’s you and me against the world, Roy. I’ve been trying to open an account on Bitstamp, Polniex, Kraken and others for more than two weeks and have not been able to open a single one. They are all clogged, their verification of account systems are down or the spinning wheel of death comes on the screen and just spins endlessly. How the hell do you buy this stuff if the “big” exchanges don’t work? – Jody from Kona, Hawaii

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