American Consequences - January 2018

and scrutinized to help predict market trends and movements. One of the major focuses of this type of analysis is to measure sentiment. The idea is to determine the market’s attitude on a particular product, stock, or asset. Additionally, it’s designed to alert market- moving events, such as breaking news, which could have an impact on a stock, sector, or the entire market. Alternative data research was once primarily associated with quantitative funds, but given the ultra-competitive nature of the industry, traditional hedge funds and investors have started paying attention. Some consider the role of social media in trading to still be in the early stages, but there’s no doubt that it’ll continue to be a primary source of information. It’s become widely accepted and considered a necessary part of the equation. And a new generation who has never lived without social media is entering the workforce. The way we trade securities and share information has changed dramatically over the years... And it will only continue. You can find a lot of good traders out there in any given market. In certain markets, technical analysis might work great. But for traders who were relying on it in 2008, it got ugly. Great traders can identify what kind of market they’re trading in and adapt. It’s a skill set not many have. It’s impossible to predict where the next wave of information flow will come from, but if you want a chance at succeeding, you better get up to speed – quick.

STANSBERRY INVESTOR HOUR: Government’s Looming War on Cryptos His fund made 4,200% returns as he spotted warning signs others didn’t see or even understand. Now he has a warning about global government’s plan to control cryptocurrencies. Listen to the full story here .


Bitcoin soared 1,369% in 2017. Making it the top investment of the year by a long shot. But according to one expert, the best way to make money in cryptos in 2018 is with smaller coins - including one that could make you 100 times your money over the long term. Full story here.

American Consequences 23 American Consequences

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