American Consequences - January 2018


T his month, we’re talking The Transition ... how the Industrial Revolution led directly to the winner-take-all nature of the Digital Revolution... and what happens next. Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke shows how every economic transition benefits the few. But only some economic transitions benefit the many... Turney Duff shares how Wall Street has changed due to social media... Christine Rosen goes “inside the hive mind”... Andy Ferguson details how the Internet has made politics far worse... and movie critic John Podhoretz shows how CGI has invaded the movies. Our fantastic design director Erica Wood tries to get a computer to create this month’s magazine cover.

Bill Shaw looks at those who lose from a Transition, taking us on a ride around Baltimore with the repo man. And Dr. David Eifrig has one rule you must follow in 2018. Finally, we have an excerpt from Nicholas Eberstadt’ s fantastic book, Men Without Work , about America’s hidden crisis. And Buck Sexton looks at why everything for President Trump hinges on 2018. Enjoy the issue. And tell us what you think at . Regards, Steven Longenecker Managing Editor, American Consequences America is now home to an ever-growing army of jobless men no longer even looking for work – over 7 million between ages 25 and 55, the traditional prime of working life. Nicolas Eberstadt Plus, we share two ways to profit from The Transition... the “obvious” American giant way and the “unknown” Chinese giant. (You’d be up 60% or 100% if you had followed this advice, several times more than the broad market.)

Why rely on our puny individual brains when we had the vast resources of the collaborative hive mind to make us better, smarter, faster, and more meme-friendly?

Christine Rosen

4 January 2018

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