American Consequences - January 2018

N CGI CGI There might have been a moment of late when you sat in a movie theater struggling to remain awake as some entirely convincing space battle between two starships a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away took place in front of you. (It was so convincing, in fact, that you forgot it wasn’t real, which didn’t make it any more interesting.) Then you realized that you had just seen a few other entirely convincing and equally

By John Podhoretz

boring space battles happen in some movie about superheroes a month earlier, and woul d likely find yourself watching another in a month or two. If I am describing your reality – and if you have kids who like the movies or are a habitual moviegoer yourself, this is your reality, my friends – you have every right to stop and ask yourself this question: What hath the Stained-Glass Man wrought?


American Consequences 41

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