American Consequences - January 2018



Our issue theme this month is “The Transition” – a fundamental change in technology, economics, and society itself. This is the digital age. Computers can do everything. I asked my computer to give me a vivid, powerful cover imagine and some punchy copy. This is what I got... I TRIED TO GET MY COMPUTER TO DESIGN THIS MONTH’S COVER FOR ME By Erica Wood American Consequences Design Director

Computers can also be very literal minded. Transition means

change, change means options, when you have an

option you come to a...


I guess a “word cloud” in a “web map” based on “metadata” sort of indicates “transition.” But shaped like a light bulb? With a finger pressing “change”? Computers not only can be hacked, they can be hacks. I’m sure my computer is proud of this image. It hurt my eyes and bored everyone in the office. A “transition” Wikiquote from a Nobel Prize-winning chemist makes it really boring.

This image could be plastered up in our break room as a motivational poster. Leaving everybody to wonder “WTF?” while they eat

their Korean BBQ tacos.


January 2018

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