American Consequences - January 2018

Speaking of evolution, my

computer wanted to

remind me of evolutionary technological transitions. (Only one of which works worth a darn, BTW.)


My computer went off on a tangent about transitions in

Okay, I’ve been guilty of using this tired evolution image too. But at least I got a joke out of it. Here the computer is not only unimaginative, it’s also showing off its digital collage skills. Which we need more of like we need more Neanderthals. Darwin does give us a pithy cover line, however.

automotive design. Where’s the windshield? Where’s the door? Where’s my kid in the car seat? Googled “speed” for the cover line. Gosh knows what Ralph Waldo Emerson is talking about.

The computer is still thinking New Year’s Resolutions. But humans, unlike computers, read left to right, and this lady’s weightloss journey seems headed in the wrong direction.


Speaking of physical

transitions, which I totally support... My computer doesn’t know a bad cross dresser when it sees one. Back to the drawing board.

American Consequences 47

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