American Consequences - January 2018

One Rule You Must Follow in 2018

devices that we rely on for work, family life, and personal entertainment pose a risk to our health. According to the data from the Pew Research Center, 95% of American adults now own a cellphone. That’s a dramatic increase from 11 years ago when “only” 73% of adults had one. I’m used to railing against the status quo of the medical community. For years, I’ve warned my subscribers about things like the dangers of the antibacterial chemical triclosan and low-salt diets and why things like coffee and bacon aren’t as dangerous as scientists would have you believe. I’ve even written about the real cause of heart disease. (It’s not high cholesterol.) Over time, I’ve seen validation. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned triclosan from hand soaps... New studies show that removing too much sodium from your diet damages your heart and contributes to falls... And the World Cancer Research Fund added coffee to its list of ways to protect yourself from liver cancer. And more and more studies point to inflammation as the cause of heart disease, not food-derived cholesterol. That’s why, given the body of evidence, I think cellphones are far more dangerous than we believe right now. Here’s my newest warning... Your cellphone has the potential to make you extremely sick and could lead to fatal diseases like cancer.

But if you use common sense, you can effectively protect yourself and your loved ones. And it’s not just radiation that you should be concerned about... Mounting evidence shows that cellphones, specifically smartphones, can lead to neck pain, drops in sperm count, eye strain, and DNA damage. The last one is the biggest worry. DNA damage puts you on the road to cancer, which is why so many researchers are studying the links between radiation from cellphones and tumor growth. And it’s not just the radiation that can cause a problem... Smartphone screens emit blue light. Blue light interrupts our sleep cycle by messing up our melatonin levels. Melatonin, the hormone secreted to help you fall asleep, is essential for keeping us on a healthy, restorative schedule. Disrupting this cycle leads to grogginess, impaired memory, increased risk for depression and obesity, and even loss of vision. And the research just keeps getting worse. The Radiological Society of North America recently released a study linking smartphone addiction and chemical imbalances in the brain. In other words, too much time on your phone can make you physically ill. It was a small study, and done on teenagers, but the results were significant. The more these teens used their cellphones, the higher their scores on addiction tests. That means

Mounting evidence

shows that cellphones, specifically smartphones, can lead to neck pain, drops in sperm count, eye strain,

and DNA damage.

68 January 2018

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