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March 2019

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Lights, Camera, Law arlier this year, our firm embarked on something we’ve never done before: We made a movie. David is a firefighter who initially took his case to another law firm. When that firm couldn’t settle his case, they referred him to a different lawyer that does litigation. This isn’t too unusual. Not all firms are willing to go to court like we are. However, it was very unusual when the second lawyer dropped David in the middle of the case. Filming on a Firetruck’s Schedule


Admittedly, calling it a movie may be

exaggerating a little. We hired a film

When they withdrew, this attorney told David that the partners at the law firmwere splitting and neither one of themwanted to take the case because they didn’t think it would be profitable. That’s when David came to our firm. I picked up the case, and we got him a large settlement. Even just hearing this story again when we filmed David’s feature for the video drove me crazy. I don’t see my job as being all about making a profit. Lawyers are supposed to help people. This guy needed help andmultiple firms let himdown. I was glad we were able to get him such a high settlement. After all the trouble, he deserved some kind of relief. When we were planning David’s segment for the video, the film crew thought it would be a good idea to filmhim at the fire station. The fire station where David worked was too far for the film crew tomake it in time, but they had a sister station near our office who gave us permission to film there. The idea was to filmDavid in front of the firetruck, but we quickly discovered emergencies don’t care about your schedule. Right as we pulled up to the fire station, we spotted the firetruck racing out, called to a job. Fortunately, it was debris clean-up and not a major fire. The firetruck returned after half an hour, but at that point, we only had 20 minutes to get the footage we needed for the video, whichmeant no reshoots. I have to hand it to David, though, he did a great job. Thank you to CrispVideo for their amazing work, and to David for letting us share his story with others. This was the first time I’ve ever worked on a project of this scale. I didn’t fully knowwhat to expect, but it was a good experience overall.

company, CrispVideo, tomake a three- minute video about our firm. The idea was to create something new clients could find when they need help and are researching law firms online. We wanted the video to look good, which meant a lot went into the process. For example, the film crewwanted to get footage of our attorneys at the courthouse, whichmeant we needed to get up early and filmbefore everyone else

showed up to work. When we arrived, the sky was cloudy. Considering Naples is sunny 90 percent of the time, I saw the clouds as a bad sign. Tomy surprise, the film crew toldme cloudy skies are actually a good thing! It means they have even lighting and don’t have to deal with glares and shadows. That was just one of the interesting things I learned about making videos. When we got into post- production, I was amazed to discover how important editing is. The way they cut the footage together could change the entire tone of the video! This video wasn’t just me talking about the office or the staff walking in cool slowmotion. We were fortunate to have a few of our clients who were willing to appear in the video and talk about their recent experiences working with the firm. One of these clients was David, who gave me permission to discuss his story in this month’s article.

-Marc Shapiro

Everyone worked really hard on this video, and I’mproud of how it turned out. I’d love to invite you to see it for yourself and tell me what you think. Check it out at

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