CWU Apartment Guide 2020

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6) When a lessee no longer meets ELIGIBILITY requirements to live in a university apartment, they must give proper written notice to vacate and move out within 30 days. NOTE: If the vacating lessee does not move as indicated in the notice, they may be held responsible for any or all temporary housing costs for a new resident until the new resident moves into the apartment. Any requests for exceptions to this policy should be made in writing, in accordance with WAC 106-124-011, “Financial Obligations of Students - Appeal Procedure.” REFUSAL OFAN APPLICATION CWU reserves the right to refuse an application for apartment living from a former resident of either the university residence halls or apartments when any of the following conditions apply: 1) The eviction process has been formally initiated for a violation of a provision of the apartment lease or residence hall contract. 2) Past university disciplinary action or criminal action has demonstrated that the applicant does not respect the terms of the lease or guide. 3) There is unpaid rent/damage/etc. from a previous tenancy. 4) There has been falsification of an application or other documents related to the apartment lease by the lessee (applicant), spouse of lessee, or roommate(s). ASSIGNMENT PROCEDURE 1) Apartment assignments are offered based off of the application date, availability of appropriate apartment (according to family size and ages of children), and waiting-list placement. The applicant will be contacted by telephone or e-mail. 2) Rent charges begin on the day of your lease signing. 3) A damage deposit for an apartment is $200. Upon vacating, the deposit will be credited to the student’s account. Any damages, cleaning, and outstanding charges will be applied to the student’s account. 4) The apartment lease is based on a month-to-month rental agreement with a 6 month minimum occupancy. Rental payments are due the first business day of each month. A $50 late charge may be assessed for delinquent payment on the 10th of the month or first business day following the 10th. When a resident moves in during the month, rent is pro-rated to the date of occupancy, and full rent for the following month is due on the first day of the following month. 5) The lessee is responsible for making sure all names of legal dependents or roommates appear on the lease agreement. When a dependent or roommate leaves and/or a dependent or roommate is added, a new lease must be signed and all damages to date must be cleared. Changes in family status must be immediately reported in writing to Housing and Residence Life. 6) If an apartment is offered and the applicant does not wish to take that apartment because of the time frame or other circumstances, the next person on the waiting list will be contacted. If requested, an applicant may remain on the waiting list and will be notified when another apartment is available. After the student has received two offers of an apartment, their name is removed from all wait lists, their contract is canceled and their deposit will be returned. 7) When transferring from the CWU residence halls to the CWU apartments, students must follow all the steps of checking out


APARTMENT COMPLEX COORDINATOR The apartment complex coordinator is a full-time professional staff member who works with all of the apartment complexes. This position supervises the apartment managers and is responsible for the apartment newsletter. The apartment complex coordinator office is located in Button Hall. The telephone number is 509-963-2327. SPECIAL REQUESTS All special request letters and suggestions for improvements in the apartments should be addressed to Housing and Residence Life. The address is Central Washington University, 400 E University Way, Ellensburg, WA 98926-7513. Residents can also send an e-mail to The telephone number for Housing and Residence Life is 509-963-1831. APARTMENT ASSIGNMENT ELIGIBILITY 1) To be eligible for a university apartment at Central Washington University, a lessee must be a student maintaining at least seven- credit hours or five-credit hours for graduate students (unless an exception is approved in writing by Housing and Residence Life. However, applications for apartment housing will be accepted from students who plan to attend classes during the dates indicated on their application but who have not yet been officially accepted for admission. Students must provide proof of academic acceptance to Central Washington University prior to taking occupancy. 2) Students are encouraged to be working toward an academic degree. Students with more than 220 undergraduate credits without a degree will not be eligible to remain in a university apartment without permission from Housing and Residence Life. Requests for an extension must be in writing, and residents must inform the Director of Housing Services or designee of an academic plan. 3) Apartments are rented to students who have completed one academic year of college post high school, are 20 years of age or older, and students with families. All students are required to be enrolled as a CWU student with seven or more credit hours per quarter. Student families are defined as a student and spouse and/or student with children who are declared legal dependents. Only members of the immediate family unit may reside in the apartment with the registered student. Non-immediate family relatives may not reside in the apartment without prior written approval from Housing and Residence Life or their designee unless the individual is also a student at CWU. 4) The standard occupancy in an apartment is: Small Studio - one person; one bedroom - one person; two bedroom - two persons; and three bedroom - three persons. One person may be added to each type of apartment listed above for an additional $100 per month for utility consumption and normal wear and tear. 5) Summer Policy: Leaseholders not enrolled for summer session may enjoy the summer in university-owned apartments as long as they are pre-enrolled as full-time students for the following fall quarter. Undergraduate students need to be enrolled in 7 credits and graduate students need to be enrolled in 5 credits. All applicable lease and rental conditions apply.


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