CWU Apartment Guide 2020

(see the Residence Hall Handbook). Charges will continue to be billed to the student account until the student has checked out properly. One hundred dollars per each quarter will not be refunded from the dining debit dollars. This money will remain on the student’s Connection Card and can be used in the dining halls at anytime before the end of the spring quarter. 8) If a student cancels after accepting an apartment assignment, there is a $200 cancellation fee. CHECK-IN PROCEDURE Upon moving in, the resident will be issued keys by the apartment manager. The resident will make a thorough inventory/inspection of the apartment with an apartment manager noting any problems (i.e. scratches on floors, damaged furniture or appliances, missing 1) When one person moves out of an apartment, the remaining roommate(s) will be responsible for the entire rent payment. The rent will be divided equally among the remaining residents. If only one person is remaining, they will be responsible for the entire amount of the rent payment on a daily pro-rated basis. 2)  It is the responsibility of the person moving out to inform the other roommate(s) of their departure. The people staying will have 30 days from the vacate notice date to find additional roommates and have them sign a contract with Housing and Residence Life before rent increases. The 30 days starts the same day the vacating notice is received at Housing and Residence Life. Housing and Residence Life will not assign roommates to apartments and assumes no responsibility in one’s roommate selection process. New roommates must meet the eligibility requirements listed above but do not have to go through the waiting list process. To assist residents, there is a discussion forum that can be accessed through the students MyCWU. MOVING TO ANOTHER APARTMENT screens, etc.) on the provided inventory form. WHEN A ROOMMATE MOVES OUT Moving to another apartment will not be allowed under normal circumstances because of additional administration, maintenance, and cleaning costs. To be eligible to be on the wait list to move to another apartment, you are required to live in your current apartment for six consecutive months. If your status changes, your family size increases, or you feel you have a special reason to request a transfer, submit a written request to Housing and Residence Life at Button Hall. PAYMENTS 1) All payments for rent, deposits, or fees must be made through the Cashiers Office located on the first floor of Boullion Hall or through your student account in All charges will be noted on the student account and failure to pay will result in a financial hold placed on the account. This will prevent the student from registering for classes and receiving transcript information and/or their diploma. Payments cannot be made to apartment managers or Button Hall staff. 2) Financial aid can be applied to rent. Financial aid awards are given on a quarterly basis, but rent is charged on a monthly basis. Financial aid awards will be applied to only the current month and any money above that will be issued to the student in a check form. The student can request financial aid to pay for all of the months in the quarter by completing a Rent Applied from Financial Aid application from the students MyHousing portal. This option is available in fall, winter, and spring quarter.

3) Rent is posted to the students account by the 25th of the month and is due by the first of the month. If payment is not made by the 10th, a late charge of $50 will be assessed. 4) If payment is not made by the 25th, the eviction process will be started, and the resident will be assessed an additional $50 administration fee. Delinquent accounts that are consistently paid late could result in the cancellation of the lease agreement and assessment of appropriate fees. CHECK-OUT PROCEDURES Residents must give at least 30 days notice in advance of the move-out date. In order to end your lease, you must go to your MyHousing portal and select the 30 day vacate icon. Residents are responsible to inform their roommates of their vacating notice date. When a resident submits a Notice-to-Vacate through their MyHousing, the move-out date is then used by Housing and Residence Life to assign that apartment to the next resident on the waiting list. If the resident vacates before the date given, they will be liable for rent to the date given on the Notice-to-Vacate form unless a new resident assumes the unit. If the resident vacates after the date given, they are liable for the 30-day period following the actual move-out date or until a new resident assumes the unit. The resident may also be liable for costs associated with providing temporary housing for the next resident. There is a $200 cancellation fee when a resident vacates an apartment prior to completing six months residency unless officially withdrawing from the university. Residents need to schedule a check-out appointment with the apartment manager at least three days before the move- out date. Students are responsible for the rent until a checkout is complete and the keys are returned. Prior to the check-out appointment, empty the apartment of all personal belongings and thoroughly clean the unit. As you clean, use the following guidelines. Examples for which charges are usually assessed at check-out time: • Damage beyond normal wear and tear (can be caused by decorating) • Labor costs that result from cleaning apartments that are not cleaned sufficiently when resident vacates • Large or excessive nail holes • Burns or burn holes of any kind • Scarred and/or broken furniture • Excessive damage to walls, wood, doors, etc. • Cost of any repair or replacement resulting from damage • Removal and/or storage of discarded furniture If a resident has arranged for extra or special services, it is their responsibly to cancel those services before vacating. The resident needs to file a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service. Return all keys directly to the apartment manager at check-out time. Do not turn in keys to a box or leave unattended in the vacated apartment. If the keys are not returned at that time, the apartment will be re-keyed at the resident’s expense. Residents who check out improperly could forfeit some or all of their damage deposit and be assessed a $50 charge. If the resident schedules a check-out time with the apartment manager and is unprepared at the scheduled time, he/she will be charged $50 for an improper check out. If the resident is not present for the check- out, the findings of Housing and Residence Life will prevail.


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