CWU Apartment Guide 2020

condition, excepting reasonable wear and tear as determined by the University. Upon termination, all personal belongings of the Student will be removed from the premises. It is agreed that in the event the personal belongings are not removed, they will be presumed abandoned and will become the property of the University, and will be disposed of accordingly. Removal of abandoned property will be subject to a fee determined by the Facilities Manager during the inspection process. 14. Student Maintenance: The Student agrees to keep the residence, including the sidewalks and stairways adjacent to, in a clean and sanitary condition, and to comply with the laws and ordinances relating to sanitary conditions. The Student agrees, at the Student’s own expense, to keep all drainage pipes free and open, and to protect water, heating, and all other pipes, so they will not freeze or become clogged. 15. Waste and Injury to Premise: The Student agrees not to commit or permit waste, damage, or injury to the property or appurtenances, and to keep the ground upon which the property is situated in good order, and not to let or permit any rubbish to be deposited or accumulated. At the request of the University, the Student shall be required to remove at their sole expense, anything in or about the premises, which is determined by the University to create an unacceptable hazard to person or property. 16. Waiver of Breaches: The failure of the University to exercise any right or remedy available to the University as a result of the Student’s breach of any of the terms, covenants, or conditions of this contract shall not be deemed to be a waiver by the University of any such rights or remedies. NO terms or conditions of this contract required to be performed by the Student and no breach thereof shall be waived, altered, or modified except upon express written permission of the University. The receipt of payment by the University, with the knowledge of the breach of any terms, covenants, or conditions of this contract, shall not be deemed a waiver of such breach. 17. Cumulative Remedies: The specified remedies used by the University under the terms of this contract are cumulative and are not intended to be exclusive of any other remedies or means of redress to which the University may be lawfully entitled in case of any breach or threatened breach by the Student of any provision of this contract. 18. Student Damage: Each Student is personally responsible and liable for the cost of cleaning, replacement, or repair to the structure in which they are housed and all damages to (except for reasonable wear and tear as determined by the University) or losses of any University property furnished under this contract. 19. Expulsion: Failure to satisfy any financial obligations incurred in accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract may (together with all attorney’s fees and other costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due) result in action by the University to withhold admission to or registration with the University, the conferring of degrees and issuance of transcripts and/or grade reports, pursuant to WAC 106-124-010 and WAC 106-124-011. 20. Termination of Contract: The Student may terminate this lease by giving written notice to Housing and Residence Life by giving a vacating notice through their MyHousing portal 30 days prior to vacating the unit. Likewise, this lease may be terminated by the University upon providing a written 20-day prior notice by mail, in person, or other delivery. Once

3. Loss and Damage of Property: The University will not be responsible for the loss of any Student property due to theft, vandalism, fire, earthquake, or any other act NOT caused by the direct and sole negligence of the University. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase property insurance from their personal insurance company. 4. Rate Increase: The rate for the academic years as listed in this contract may be increased by no more than five percent within the fiscal year for emergency purposes by directive authorized by the University’s Board of Trustees. All other rent increases will coincide with the academic calendar, be approved in the normal budget process, and go into effect on July 1. Should a Student have a lapse in full-time Student status, rent will be increased to the non-student rate effective the first of the month following the lapse in the Student status. 5. University Entry: The University reserves the right to have authorized personnel enter any unit for the purpose of inspection, repairs and/or other official business. 6. Assignment: The University reserves the right to reassign individuals to a different unit at any time in the event such reassignment is deemed necessary by the University. 7. Pets: Students are NOT permitted to house cats, dogs, or any other animals, with the exception of aquarium-bound fish. Residents with illegal pets are subject to eviction and a $500 fine. 8. Weapons Policy (WAC 106-124-700): No person shall have in possession any gun, pistol, firearm, explosive, dangerous chemical, or other dangerous weapon or instrument on University-owned or leased property. Violators of this law shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary or legal action including possible termination of the violator’s housing contract or lease. Exceptions to the firearms policy are noted in WAC 106-124-700. 9. Unlawful Practices: The Student agrees not to permit anything to be done upon University property that is contrary to any law of the State of Washington or the City of Ellensburg. 10. Reassignment Space: The premises are to be used solely for residential purposes of those assigned by the University. Those assigned to the premises by the University may not assign or sublet the whole or any part of the premises or this contract, and may not allow others to reside in the premises on an extended and/or permanent basis without the express written permission of the University. Failure to comply will result in a $500 fine and is deemed a breach, which may result in termination of the contract. 11. Alterations: Students must secure written permission from the University before altering any portion of the apartment or University-owned equipment or furnishings. University-owned furniture or appliances may not be removed from the assigned unit without written permission. 12. Services Provided: The University shall furnish electricity, heat, water, sewer, and refuse services. . The University shall have the right to temporarily interrupt such utilities or services when necessary because of accident, emergency, repairs, alterations, or improvements, which, in the judgment of the University, are deemed necessary or desirable. No reduction or waiver of rent or other compensations may be claimed by the Student, nor shall this contract or any of the obligations of the Student be affected or reduced by such interruption. 13. Departure Agreement: The Student agrees that at the end of the term for this lease, the unit will be vacated in good


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