CWU Apartment Guide 2020

SOLICITATION AND POSTING Housing and Residence Life attempts to support a resident’s desire for privacy by restricting any door-to-door sales or solicitation. All solicitation is prohibited regardless of the purpose or nature of the sponsoring organization. Organizations may not solicit in the apartments unless directly related to apartment living and approved by Housing and Residence Life. Organizations not related to Housing and Residence Life may have material posted provided they have been approved and stamped by the Scheduling Center and Housing and Residence Life. Please call the apartment complex coordinator or apartment managers if unwanted solicitors Stairs and stairwells must be kept clear at all times for the purpose of providing safe exits. Toys, boxes, newspapers, plants, bicycles, garbage, etc. must not be left on stairwells. Motorcycles and mopeds may not be parked in stairwells or on patios at any time. STORAGE UNITS With the exception of Brooklane Village, storage units are not supplied by the university. Stand-alone storage units can be placed on the RV storage area at Brooklane Village for a cost of $25 per year. Storage units cannot be placed in any other location. No personal belongings can be stored next to apartment buildings. Many businesses in Ellensburg rent storage units, and a list is available in the local phone book. TRESPASSING Individuals with no connection to apartment residents will be asked to leave the apartment complex. Guests of residents, whose behavior is not appropriate for the community, may also be asked to leave by the apartment manager and/or Public Safety and Police Services. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests. The university also reserves the right to deny access of apartments to non-residents at any time. VIDEOTAPING AND CAMERA USE are in the apartment complexes. STAIRS AND STAIRWELLS No person may tape, audio record, take photographs of, capture images of, or otherwise view any person in a private location without the knowledge and express consent of the subject or all parties. No person may distribute or share photos or recordings of sexual activity or nudity in a private place without the knowledge and express consent of the subject or all parties. Private locations include, but are not limited to, residence hall rooms, students apartment and common areas, bathrooms, lounges, and other areas where residents have a reasonable expectation of privacy. WATER AND CAR WASHING Outside water is available for gardens and recreational use. Many spigots require a water key which can be issued by the apartment manager. Outside water will be turned off from late October until mid-June, depending on weather conditions, to avoid freezing problems. A designated car washing area is available for all apartment residents at the Brooklane pump house, located to the left of the Brooklane entrance area. Residents will need to provide their own soap and washing materials. Please leave the hose there when finished. It is preferred that cars are washed here to reduce mud problems around the complexes. WATERBEDS Due to potential damage from leakage and weight, waterbeds are not allowed in university-owned apartments. WEAPONS For the protection of everyone, Central Washington University has a strict firearms policy—WAC 106-124-700. No person shall have in their possession any gun, pistol, firearm, explosive, dangerous chemical, or other dangerous weapon or instrument on university-

owned or leased property. This includes BB guns, air soft guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, as well as archery equipment, long knives, and swords. Ammunition cannot be stored in apartments. Ammunition should be stored in a vehicle or at an off-campus location. Individuals in violation of this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action including possible termination of the individuals lease agreement. YARD SALES Residents may have periodic yard sales at their apartments with apartment staff approval. It is encouraged that residents plan yard sales together and publicize in the local newspaper with apartment staff approval. DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES AND SANCTIONS Housing and Residence Life, in conjunction with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, addresses residence hall behavioral problems. Below is the typical Student Rights and Responsibilities Process: • The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities receives reports from various entities including University Police Department, Ellensburg Police Department, Housing and Residence Life staff, faculty, or other students. • All reports received are reviewed and followed up on by professional staff in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. • If a report suggests that a student may have been responsible for violating the CWU Student Conduct Code or any other university policy, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will schedule a University Conduct Hearing for that student with an appropriate University Conduct Hearing Officer. • If a report suggests that a student may be in distress or in need of additional support or resources, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will work to connect the student with Case Management or other appropriate campus resources to assess the student’s needs and help provide the necessary assistance for the student. • The student will receive a notice letter and email with the date, time, and location of your hearing as well as information detailing the alleged date and policies that they may have been responsible for violating. • At the University Conduct Hearing, the student is given the opportunity to explain their perspective on the incident and share any additional information they may have. If a student does not attend their meeting, a hold will be placed on their student account until they meet with their hearing officer. • The University Hearing Officer will decide the outcome of the hearing based on the conversation, the initial report, and any other available information using the preponderance of the evidence. All disciplinary records are part of your student record. Your disciplinary records are destroyed after 7 years from your last day of attendance. They are in no way connected to your academic file and you can request your disciplinary file from Business Services by completing a public records request. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is located in Bouillon 204. They can be contacted at 509-963-1515 or at dean.


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