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Founded in 2011, IntelliPay is an innovative SaaS provider of end-to-end card payment solutions. Our intelligent cloud-based payment suite and reduced and no-cost fee options provide our clients with easy out-of-the-box, custom, and integrated solutions. In addition, our 60 years of combined experience in payments processing technology allows us to deliver payment solutions tailored to any partner’s payment and back- end system needs. IntelliPay is large enough to support any enterprise opportunity and small enough to provide the products and individualized support that a constantly changing payments environment requires.


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IntelliPay offers an all-in-one solution where all terminals, integrations, and payment processing types come together in a single Google cloud-based payment suite. A master account oversees individual customized sub-accounts and enables executive staff members to obtain the necessary controls, access, and reporting for each organization and location. How it works

Single vendor, cloud-based solution Master/sub-account controls and reporting Streamlines operations, reporting, and payment processing QUICK FACTS

• Single solution for all departments and locations • Simplified support and vendor management • Master/sub-account controls and reporting • Cohesive payment experience across all channels Why our Multi-location solution?

Master and sub-accounts simplify reconciliation and streamline operations reporting

Any organization that wants control over their payment infrastructure and location customization. Use Cases

Online Payment Page

The online payment page integrates payments with existing enterprise systems to provide a seamless payment experience across payment channels. Behind the scenes, it offers customizable fields and brandable elements with the management of access, features, and options from a single cloud-based console. In addition, an unlimited number of page variations are supported. Scalable on demand. How it works

Add payments with integration to existing systems QUICK FACTS

Centralized control of an unlimited number of Individual pages Customizable fields and brandable elements

• Add payments to any page or application • Customizable data fields and brandable elements • Single solution – cloud-based management console • Centralized, real-time reporting for all payments • Documentation for easy integration Why our Multi-location solution?

Enterprise grade single payment platform fully-hosted customizable payment solution for every department or location. Use Cases

Physical Terminals

We support Verifone’s Engage line of terminals for ease of use and scalability. From single to multiple locations, terminal “nicknames” make tracking location activity easy. Processing on our secure PCI network takes payments out of PCI audit scope. Voids and refunds can be handled at the terminal or with other terminal management/reporting functions in our cloud-based payment suite. How it works

Dip, Swipe, and EMV compatible Cloud-based console management Remote updates Supports single dip EMV transactions QUICK FACTS

• Integrated and encrypted with the IntelliPay suite • Remote cloud-based terminal management • Ideal for multiple location environments • Remote updates Why IntelliPay and Engage Terminals?

Verifone Engage 200C

Verifone Engage 400C

Enterprises requiring in-person (card-present) and remote multiple location management and control. Use Cases

Mobile App

Turns any smartphone into a payment terminal. Available for iOS and Android, the mobile app makes payment acceptance a breeze anywhere while tracking who entered the payments using a username and password. Robust, real-time reporting in the payment suite. How it works • Accept payments at anytime via smartphone or table • Accept credit & debit cards and ACH, Single or recurring payments • Secured PCI-certified systems • Complete support for tokenization Why our Mobile App?

Smart phone mobile payment solution iOS and Android compatible Real-time payments Built-in security features to prevent unauthorized access QUICK FACTS

Integrated with proprietary software and used in a mobile setting and where payments need to be accepted (such as: event admissions, registration fee payment, acceptance, fine, and other usage fee payments). Ideal for private and public sector applications. Use Cases

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