There is nothing like a power outage in

and bronze people will look at we pale and

the middle of winter to get us bragging

fatigued slobs andwhine that in the space of

about how tough and hardy we people of

a few hours they have gone from plus-30 to

the Free North Strong And Free really are.

minus-30 conditions.

When a section of Hawkesbury

Yes, a 60-degree change in temperature

experienced a two-hour electricity

can be a shock. The poor things.

deprivation recently, in the middle of the

Speaking of shocks to the system, these




daily deal with the angst fueled by wind

A matter of degrees

utterance about the Big Chill.

chill, cold homes, vulnerable plumbing and

At the time, the grip of the cold snapwas

weak water pipes.

relaxing. We had just survived days when

Besides, many do not have a choice.

Fittingly, heating billswere on inquiring

No doubt productivity decreases in


For example, fire fighters’ jobs become

minds when Conservatives Marilissa

northern climes during cold snaps. Somuch

30 and we were now laughing at how we

just a little more difficult when they are


time and energy are devoted to keeping

thought minus 15 was warm. As the

trying to hose down buildings in frigid

Hawkesbury, seeking votes and blasting

warm and fretting about what Mother

genealogists say, everything is relative.

conditions. Often, the result is a bizarre mix

Premier Dalton McGuinty. During the

Nature may have in store.

Even at minus-15, going without heat is


outdoor press conference, which seemed to

Plus, there is all the talking about road

tolerable for a few hours, when you are

encased in ice as crews battle a blazing

last about a week, the conditions were not

conditions and close calls.

sheltered inside a modern office building.





Fortunately, fires are less common than

Conservatives are supposed to be

to the wind. On slick roads, a few wrong

be worse.

they were 25 years ago.

practical but neither Gosselin norMacLeod

moves, and you could end up in the ditch.

In fact, for our neighbours to the south,

“Chimney fires are very rare,” says

was wearing a hat, although Gosselin had

Andwe all knowhowpricey car repairs are.

OldManWinter has not been gentle, either.

Hawkesbury Fire Chief Ghislain Pigeon.

bundled up a future voter, her 20-month-

On the other hand, if you dress properly,

When it was minus-28 in Hawkesbury,

At one time, 20 years ago, fire fighters

old son, William, who seemed happy as a

this is also a wonderful time to get out there

about five hours down the road, in Ithaca,

would be called out twice in the same night


and to appreciate the wonders of Mother

New York, the temperature was minus-25

to deal with chimney fires. However, flue

to deliver their message. MacLeod is a


C. And look at the huge amounts of snow


veteran campaigner but after she made her

A midwinter nighttime stroll can be

that have hit the big American cities this


pitch, she admitted that her feet were

refreshing, a turn on an outdoor rink is so

year. Even Nashville has been struck by

ago, at least when it comes to heating with

freezing. But holding a presser on heating

invigorating, an outing on snowshoes so


wood. Stove installations are safer andmore



been forced to use snow shovels for the first

carefully scrutinized than they were years


A walk on a crisp day can help people

time in their lives.


burn on the face gives you a nice tanned

deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder, a

Yeah, but our winters are longer and


look. Which brings us to those annoying

condition which affects about 12 million

meaner, eh? As Gilles Vigneault wrote, our

now,” says the fire chief.

naturally-tanned people who just returned

people in North America.A lack of sunlight

land is winter.

Regardless of the temperatures, there are


has a direct impact on our health.

It is often a cold and damp land but we

many other tasks that must be performed—

the temperatureswere high, the beach sand

Winter can get you down but we derive

get used to it.

people still have to pump gas, deliver mail,

hot, the water so unbelievably blue and

some comfort in knowing that, no matter

If you keep your feet dry and toasty, we

work on construction sites, and stage press


how brutal it is here, it is always worse

can safely venture out in the harshest


watch the Canadiens’ games.

somewhere else.


Beaver Hats and Bagpipes

30 years of storytelling, musical

Pavilion, 19596 County Road 43, about five

performance, and theatre, starting as a


kilometres west of Alexandria. The social


hour begins at 6 p.m.; dinner is at 7 p.m.,

songs for Jim Henson’s The Muppets. In

followed by the performance.

Deborah Dunleavy will bring her

2008 she was the recipient of the Anne

Tickets are $35 each and are available at

storytelling and musical talents to the

Smythe Award from Storytelling Toronto. and

Glengarry Pioneer Museum’s first-ever

She toured “Beaver Hats & Bagpipes” to

MacDonald’s Cleaners in Alexandria,

winter fundraising dinner to be held at the

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and

Debbie’s Country Store in Maxville, and

Bonnie Glen Pavilion near Alexandria

Wigtonshire. Currently she is the Artistic

Vankleek Cottage in Vankleek Hill or by

Friday, February 25, starting at 6 p.m.

Director of FOS, the Festival of Storytelling,

calling 613-527-5230.


and editor of

Pippin , the newsletter for


Storytelling Ontario.

St. Patrick’s Day parade

Scottish history, a show that she fashioned

“It is a real pleasure to bring my

while on tour in Scotland and Ireland and


perfected in performances across Ontario.




“I’m very excited that we could attract a

continues, “and I take special pleasure in


supporting, in any way I can, the efforts of

Vankleek Hill will go green March 13

to launchwhat we hopewill become a series

Glengarry’s Pioneer Museum, which I

with an early St. Patrick’s Day bash

of winter fundraisers for the Pioneer

understand is dedicated to preserving and

featuring the region’s first parade in

Museum,” states Lindsey Howes of

showcasing the history of the Scottish


Bainsville, one of the key organizers. All

settlement in Canada.”


proceeds will go to the Glengarry Pioneer

“Beaver Hats & Bagpipes,” by weaving

the 2 p.m. parade should contact organizer

Museum to help finance the next season’s

historical accounts with haunting ballads

Phil Arber (613-678-5086 or e-mail

exhibits and events, such as the annual Fall

and humorous chanties, pays tribute to the The parade on Main

Harvest Festival, Wood Fair, and War of

brave Scottish settlers who left their

Street will have music, floats, goblins,

1812 re-enactment.

homeland in search of a new life in Canada.

dancers, balloons, shamrocks. Prizes will

Deborah Dunleavy’s career spans almost

It will follow dinner at the Bonnie Glen

Deborah Dunleavy

be awarded for the best floats.

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Les locataires devront apporter une copie de leur bail afin d’établir leur droit de voter.

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The members of the BIA are invited to attend a meeting to be held at 7:00 p.m. on February 22, 2011 at the Community Hall located on the second floor of the Robert Hartley Sport Complex at 425 Cartier Boulevard in Hawkesbury.

250, rue Main Est, Hawkesbury, ON Tél. : 613 632-9282 • Télec. : 613 632-0791

Tenants shall provide a copy of their lease to confirm their right to vote.

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