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__ THE IBLE FAMILY MAGAZINES^ F or E ver , 0 L ord , T hy W ord is S e t t l e d in H ea v en - P sa lm H9:89 v o l . 16 FEBRUARY 1925 NO. Z 'THEY SHALL HUNGER


—R.EV. 7 : i 6


THEFOUNTAIN ■ ft OF LIVING B l w a t e r




mm?" * JU 1 LET HIMTHAT IS," ATHIRST COME* P l i » —n*v,.a a ;i7 T h irsty S ouls A re S till B eing R efreshed B y T he W ater O f L ife E ven T hough S ome R efuse T o D r ink 20 Cents a Copy

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T he K ing ’ s B usiness Motto: “ I, the Lord, do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day,** Isaiah 27:3. PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING TH E BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES T . C. HO RTO N, E d ito r-in -C h ief R. H. RIC HARDS, B usin ess M anager CON TR IB UTO RS DR. R. A. TORR EY DR. LEAN DER S. KEYS ER DR. FRE NCH E. OLIV ER DR. JO HN M. Mac INN IS WM . JEN NIN DR. A. C. DIXON_______DR. J. FRANK NORRIS ___________DR. L. W . MU NH ALL DR. F. W. FA RR DR. CHAR LES R TH IS MAGAZIN E s ta n d s for th e Infall ib le W ord of God, a n d fo r its g re a t fu n d am en tal d o ctrin es. ITS PUR POSE is to s tre n g th e n th e faith of all belie vers, in all th e w o rld ; to s tir th e ir h e a rts to engage in definit e C h ristian w o r th em w it h th e v a rie d w o rk of th e Bible In stitu te of Lo s A n g ele s; an d to w ork in h arm o n y an d fel lo w sh ip w ith th em in m p erso n an d w or k o f o u r L o rd J e su s C h rist, a n d th u s h a ste n H is co m in g. Volume XVI February, 1925 Number 2

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Editorials Page A President’s P rayer..................................................................................... -....... 5 1 Finger Prints vs. Nail Prints................................................................................52 The Poison Preachers and Professors..... .........................................................52 The Menace of the Moss...............................................................................__5 3 Applying the Implied............................................................................................. 53 The Evidence of Experience.......................................... 54 A Challenge From The Children’s G a rden ........................... 54 Contributed Articles The Threefold Program of the Trinity— Dr. Mark A. Matthews............56 The Consecration of Courage— Dr. J. C. Massee...................................... ...5 7 Nanyoh— China at Worship— Dr. John M. Maclnnis................................. 58 Evolution of Man— The Verdict of History— Theo. G raebner.............. 60 Divisions of Bible Doctrine— Dr. F. E. Marsh...............................................62 The Reasonableness of Miracles— T. T. Holloway.....................................63 A Pressing Need— Burton L. Nay......................................................................65 Personal Christian Work— A. W. Orwig...................................................... 83 Is America Becoming P agan?—^“Old Fossil” ............................................ 84 Fine Gold (A Serial S tory) Josephine H ope W estervelt.................................. 66 Current Comment ........................................................................................................... 6 7 Our Bible Institute in Hunan Province (C h in a ).................................................... 68 Evangelistic D epartm ent (Interesting Soul. Winning Stories from Real Experience) ............................................................................. 69 Pointers fo r Preachers and Teachers (Hom iletical H e lp s )................................72 The Family Circle (F o r Fellowship and Intercession)..........................................73 P ractical Methods of Personal W ork (F o r Defenders of the F a ith ).............. 74 Welcome W ords from the Family Circle.................................................................. 74 Christian Endeavor Topics............................................................................................77 Children’s G arden ............................................................................................................ 75 Outline Studies in the Book of Ju d e .......................................................................... 78 Bible Institute Happenings............................................................................................ 79 Whole Bible Lesson Outline......................................................................................... 82 Best Books ........................................... -........................................................................... 86 Finger Prints ............................................................................................ .........................88


rT E , D ]VA G $1. 25 p e r y e a r (in clu d es tw elve m o n th ly issu es of larg e * m agazin e sectio n, an d fo u r q u a rte rly issu es of com ple te S unday S ch o o l.lesson se c tio n ). Sing le co pies 20 cen ts. F o reig n Co un­ trie s (in clu d in g C an ad a) $1 .50 p e r y ear, o r 7 Shil lin gs E n g lis h mon ey . C lu bs of 10 o r m ore 25 cen ts red u ctio n on each su b sc rip tio n se n t to on e o r to se p a ra te ad d resses a s preferred . D 171V4T’ 1111 A M P F S hould be m ade b y Ba nk D raft, E xp ress o r 1 1 p . o. Mo ne y O rder, p ay ab le to th e “Bib le In s titu te of Lo s Angeles.** R eceip ts will n o t b e se n t fo r reg u lar su b ­ scrip tio n s, b u t d ate of ex p iratio n w ill sho w p lain ly , each m o n th , on o u tsid e w ra p p e r o r co v er of m agaz in e. MANUSCRIPTS T he K in g’s B usin ess ca n n o t a c c e p t resp o n ­ sib ility for lo ss o r dam ag e to m a n u sc rip ts sen t to it fo r co n sid eratio n .

P lease sen d b o th o l d an d n e w ad d resses a t le a st on e m o n th p r e v i o u sto d a te of d esired change. Much co nfusio n a n d d elay wil l b e av o id ed if o rd er fo r books a re sen t d ire ctly to th e Bi ola Book Room 536-558 S. H ope St. , L os A ngele s, C al if ornia , in ste a of being enclosed in m ail in ten d ed for T he K in g’ B usin es s.

E n tered a s Sec ond C la ss M a tte r N ovem ber 17, 1910, a t th e P o s t O a t L os A ngel es , C alif ornia , u n d er th e A c t of M arch 3, 1879. A ccep tan ce for m ail ing a t special ra te of p o sta g e p ro v id ed fo r S ectio n 1103, A ct o f O cto b er 3, 1917, au th o rized O cto b er 1, 191

Los Angeles, California


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TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

February 1925

On this Bible, on April 30, 1789, George Washington took his oath of office as President o f the United States. One hundred and thirty-two years later, Warren G. Harding took his oath on the same book. I t is shown opened at the exact page kissed by these two c h i e f executives of the United States. The sudden death of President Harding made it necessary for Mr. Coolidge to take the o a t h of office in his father’s farm house in Vermont, where he happened to be visiting at the time. On March 4 he will be s w o r n in at Washington.

THE BOOK T H I S great country in which we live was founded on the Bible. These pictures should be a reminder and a. rebuke to our nation. Now in our country the Bible is no longer revered, but is now renounced in many of our churches and schools. In one of the South American States, an official recently said: “The differ-

of BOOKS ence between the United States and South America is that in this country they came seeking gold, and in your country they came seeking God.” Keep this page before your family, and thank God fervently every morn ing and night for the Bible, pledging yourself anew each day to defend it by lip and life.

This Bible was owned by Abraham Lincoln. I t is probafbly the very Bible from which our great War President sought strength a n d courage d u r i n g the dark days o f t h e C i v i l W a r . (Cuts are used by courtesy of American Bible Society and “Farm and Fireside," in which publication they first appeared). This page will be reproduced on a separate sheet and sent to you for a two cent stamp.

HOLY BIBLE; 11 I I < o • . THE OLD AHb^NKlW'U I T f b . r t ME N T 'm .

f ü g

A R G U M E N T S • .tfip fu ’v jà ms tnritMVt booku


■J j .LÙSTÎ î .17!.\0 K.tCH CHJFTER -

w f f l m A f f i H ,,,L a /A'’-A

February 1925


TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

A PRESIDENT’S PRAYER The three outstanding presidents of the United States are Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt, the birthdays of the first two mentioned occurring in this month of February. These three men—as different in many respects as

adoration of Jehovah, who in His own plan and pur­ pose had decreed that America should, with increasing brightness, be the star upon which all nations should fix their wondering eyes. ' SecôndAhe associates himself as one with the peo­ ple; not a pope; not a ruler; but an associate, to bear

with them,'¿as their representative, t h e burden of the Strife and struggle without which there could be no success. Third,—he pleads f o r submission t o law. Obedience to government is t h e r o o t principle so essential then, and so m u c h needed in t h i s d a y of our ascendancy, as a na­ tion, to such a posi­ tion of preeminence among the nations of the world. Law­ lessness is t h e Sa­ tanic seductionwhich is gnawing at the very foundation of our government and which, if unchecked, will bring destruc­ tion and dissolution. F o u r t h ,—he ex­ hibits an affection for. all the people and prays that their hearts might beat in loviiig sympathy one for the other, thus creating a b o n d which would cement them in an unbreak­ able union. And,

men could be—were yet all possessed of. those strong, sturdy, sensible t r a i t s of ' character which com­ pel recognition and incite imitation from r e a l A m e r i c a n patriots. These men w e r e great m e n because 1 they w e r e genuine arid gracious men . They were real men. They n e v e r sacri­ ficed their h o n e s t c ò n v i c t i o n s for popularity. People had a place in their hearts in preference to politics. T h e y w è r e living exam­ ples of real Amer­ ican manhood. T h e s e men were real Christians, also, and did not hesitate K to take their places ^ alongside the cruci­ fied, C h r i s t and . acknowledge, as sin­ ful men, their need of and acceptance of His sacrificial work. S They w e r e men of faith, and their faith was fixed on the real foundation of faith,

Washington's Prayer for the United States a ft we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to govern­ ment, and to entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United States at large. And, finally, that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the charac­ teristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without an humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen, —The Christian Statesman. l m i g h t y G o d ,

Fifth,—he acknowledges the Triune God,—Jesus Christ our Lord—the suffering, sin-bearing Saviour ; the ascended, interceding Christ ; the coming King of kings and Lord of lords. What a picture! What a prayer! What a. prece­ dent! Shall it not be a call to The King’s Business Family to bow their heads and hearts in humble adora­ tion on the twenty-second day of this month and voice anew this princely prayer of our honored president, George Washington, and may our hearts be united as we dedicate ourselves anew to the task of ourselves answering the prayer by lip and life.

which is the Bible. As a logical consequence, they believed in prayer, and they prayed with the assurance that the God of the. Bible held in His hand the sceptre * of the universe and could radio His answer to believing prayer to the ends of the earth. The prayer of Washington which is given herewith worthily illustrates the truth of these statements. It is not a lengthy prayer, but it is loyal and lucid; void 1 of pomp and personalities, it yet goes deep into the y heart of things, and is worthy of careful analysis. First,—there is an affirmation of faith which is inspiring. The first President of a nation destined to become the greatest of nations, on bended- knee,: in


TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

February 1925

FINGER PRINTS vs. NAIL PRINTS The “ Christ of the critics” is not our Christ, for He is not the Lord Jesus Christ! The juggling of terms is one of the high arts of .the Modernist, and on their lips the title “ Christ” or “ Christian” may be as meaning­ less as the word “ reverend.” .There was a time when all these were honorable and honored terms, but alas, alas! Modernism has no modesty and no conscience when it plays a game to gull the people, and their make- believe profession of Christianity is only another form of Bolshevism, for the finger prints of these deceivers give evidence that they have no faith in or reverence for the nail prints of the crucified Christ. They camou­ flage Christ as do “ badge bandits” the officers of the law. The Christ of the critics is not the Christ of the ‘‘old masters,”-—Matthew,,'‘Mark, Luke, John, and Paul. The “ Modernist” painting will not bear the inspection of real artists who have, seen the original picture of Christ as the Creator of the universe,—the Word which was. God, and without whom nothing which is made was made; the One who spoke and it was done; who holds the worlds in His hands as dry leaves and could crush them as easily ! NoM-the Christ of the critics is a cheap imitation, framed in gold leaf, designed to deceive the children of God. The picture is like the gods of the heathen, with eyes and ears and hands and feet, but no voice that can say, “ Come, ye blessed of my Father; inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world;” or, “ Depart from me, ye cursed, into ever-l lasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”' The Christ of the critics is not one who' demands1 obedience, but a “ goody-goody” being who wants His followers to be like the Modernist preachers who make their pathetic appeals in pacifist language; who try to puff out our lamp when it sheds light on the Word, and “ pooh-pooh” our faith in its inerrancy; who may play a pleasing part, adorn a professional assembly, and receive the plaudits of the people, but who must face the woe awaiting them unless they forsake the error of their ways and fall down at the nail-scarred feet of the .crucified, risen, ascended, and coming Lord Jesus Christ! THE POISON PREACHERS AND PROFESSORS A terrible blow has been given the church by the act of one preacher who combined his preaching of the Word of God with a lustful love and monstrous mur­ der,—poisoning his own wife and the husband of the object of his illicit affection. Not only did he disgrace the church and degrade the ministry, but by his selfish, sensual sin hev dragged down to the depths his sentimental ‘‘soul-mate, ’’ wrecked two families, brought sorrow and suffering upon innocent victims, and weakened the cause of Christ, thereby setting an example which will without doubt serve to justify many others in their devilish designs to break down the barriers set by the laws of society, and give vent to their unholy, unlawful pas­ sions. Pray for the unhappy children and friends, and pray for the church. But we want to use this crime as an illustration, and —while our minds are centered upon this awful event

—call your attention to a crime far beyond it in mag­ nitude, because so far-reaching; a crime which is being committed daily against the true church; against the children and youth; against the home; and against the very foundations upon which, by the grace of God, we have been built as a nation. What is it? It is the crime of the preachers and professors—who as did this preacher—take advantage of their position to insidiously inject the poison of unbelief in the Word of God. by denying its authen­ ticity and authority. They are the real enemies of God and man who, while feeding from the hand of deceived people who pay their bills, knowingly further the interests of Satan, hating the Word and work of God, hesitating at no step that will promote the interests of their destructive designs. Tens of thousands of righteously indignant people are ready to commit the “ poison preacher” to the gal­ lows—and that is a just punishment for his unspeak­ ably infamous deed; but these highly-educated, pol­ ished preachers and professors, who are a thousand times more dangerous to our country and to the cause of Christ, will go on with their seductive work with our children, our young people, and the multitude whose weary way terminates in the-outer darkness. Let there be no sentimental effusions over the “ poi­ son preacher” (who now claims to be insane), and let equal justice be meted out to the criminals in school and church whose damnable deeds deserve the punish­ ment spoken of in Hebrews 10:28, 29, 30: “He th a t despised Moses’ law died w ithout mercy under tw o o r th re e w itnesses: “Of how much so rer punishm ent; suppose ye, shall h e be though t w orthy who h a th trodden un d er foot th e Son of God, and h a th counted th e blood of th e covenant, where­ w ith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and h a th done despite unto th e S p irit of grace? “F o r we know him th a t h a th said, Vengeance belongeth un to me, I will recompense, saith th e Lord. And again, The Lord shall judg e h is people.”


P raise the Lord w ith glad rejoicing; All ye people sing His praise; Shout aloud, His trium ph voicing, Joyful hallelujahs raise; He is mighty! Over all His scepter sways. He’ll subdue th e nations for us; P u t the tribes beneath our feet; All th e land He will resto re us, Pour on us His blessings sweet: P raise Him! praise Him! Let us now H is praise repeat. W ith a shout the Lord ascendeth, And a victory doth bring: W ith a song th a t never endeth, We Jehovah’s praises sing; H allelujah! . P raise we give unto our King. God is K ing of ev’ry nation ; Sing His praise, His kingdom own;

He h ath given us salvation, He h ath favor to us shown; P raise eternal, Doth become Him on His throne. (P a ra p h ra s e of P sa lm 47 from "P eerless P oem s of D avid th e K b y J a n e C ople y).


February 1925


sheltered the deadly visitor, is shut out; and the air, so vital to its life, is excluded. And are not light and life essential for the church? Christ—the Anointed of God—is He not the Light of thè World? The Holy Spirit—is He not the Spirit of Life? Is it not true that if Jesus Christ is degraded to the stature of “ the best man that ever lived” ;—and the Holy Spirit is held to be, not a person, but only an influence,—this faith-destroying and death-producing moss of doubt and denial will soon robe the church in the winding-sheet of a mere form of godliness without the power thereof? When will the chil­

THE MENACE OF THE MOSS ^ Mr. Pace, the famous cartoonist, who is aiding so consistently and constantly in the battle against Mod­ ernism in school and church, has sent us a most suggestive cartoon from Florida, where he has been observing the devastating effects of the delightful but deceptive Spanish moss. Those familiar with the Southland need no elabora­ tion of the theme, but we are asking those who are not, to picture a stately tree, lifting its head high in the air, clothed in living green, waving its branches in the

breeze, shimmering and glistening in the sunlight, full of life and vigor, designed of God to be a bless­ ing to man. Some day, some­

dren of God awake to the p e r i l s con­ fronting them, arise from the dead, shake off the deadly moss of Modernism, a n d manifest in all its glory and power the life of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God? APPLYING THE IMPLIED Dr. Herbert Booth Smith, pastor of Im­ manuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, made an address in Santa Paula recently on “ Twentieth Cen­ tury Gideons. ”js We have not a full re­ port of the sermon, but the p a p e r in which the news item appeared, uses this phrase:. “ Dr. Smith appealed for more ‘applied Christian­ ity ’, declaring that

how, by b i r d or breeze, a soft little b it. of moss settles upon a branch, and at once b e g i n s to feed upon the life of the tree. Soft to the touch, lovely to look upon, hanging like a decoration upon the boughs, swaying in the balmy breezes, there is no sugges­ tion of fangs or poi­ son in its tiny grip. But, s l o w l y but surely, it weaves its woof over the foli­ age, shutting out air and sunlight, smoth­ ering its breathing, until the s t a t e l y monarch, robbed of its life, stark and b a r e save for its winding s h e e t of gray moss, bows its head a victim to the innocent­ appearing but insidious and deadly parasite. The tree is dead! Is not this an apt illustration of the destructive work of Modernism? Was not Christianity planted upon American soil by the Pilgrim Fathers? And is not Modernism the Spanish moss which is sapping its very life? For fifty years we have watched it as it has slowly, secretly but surely festooned itself upon the tree of Christian doctrine, wafted, first, from the schools where, with soft, sweet words concerning “ Jesus and His love” (not “ Jesus Christ our Lord” but just “ Jesus” ),^selecting only those passages of Scripture which set forth the character and example of Jesus; with loving lullabys from lips anointed with honey from Hades; with no angelic testimony to the Virgin-born Christ, but just ecstatic essays on the beauty of His life and character,—the Modernist teach­ ers have artistically draped their lovely moss and the breeze from their brazen lips has wafted it from branch to branch. Closer and closer it clings, until the light, which should shed its rays upon the tree which has

there is too much ‘implied Christianity’ in this age.” We wish we could have heard the' entire message, but the quotation found a response in our heart and we said “Amen!” and are passing on the thoughts which were evoked by Dr. Smith’s suggestive sentence : The Evangelical Church stands for the greatest reve­ lation ever made to mortal man—God’s own disclosure of Himself—His power and His purpose, as manifested in the past and promised for the future. It stands for “ In the beginning, God! Through the centuries, God! In the ages to come, God ! Past, present and future, God !” The Church is tbe custodian and representa­ tive of it all. It publicly assumes to represent Him who, as God manifest in the flesh, by. word and work, by death and resurrection, revealed His unlimited power and His primal purpose—the salvation and sanc­ tification of sinners. Not by lip only, but by life, is the church to repre­ sent her Lord. The foundation is laid in faith,—faith in what He is; faith in what He has done; faith in what He is able to do and wants to do through His representatives. Human philosophy and human pride have no place in His program. Humility must char-


TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

February 1925

acterize His followers as it did Himself. “ Sacrificial service” must be the slogan of the saints. The joy of the Lord must be their strength. His power must be manifested in answer to their prayers; His ability to do anything, at any time, in any way He pleases, must be demonstrated. The devil’s doubts must be laughed to scorn. The Book of books must not lie unused on the table, but must be engraved upon the tablets of enduring mem­ ory. The apathy of professional members of the flock must not influence true believers to carelessness of life, but must serve to deepen their desire to follow closer in the footprints of Him whose untiring zeal and ceaseless service is the pattern for their l i f e p r o g r a m .

consistently, have invariably received much more than that for which they asked. The Bible is true. It is God’s Word. Every promise will be fulfilled ;—not only to individuals who believe and appropriate its blessings, but to unbelievers who refuse to accept its declarations concerning sin and the demands of God’s justice. Let us more than ever devote ourselves to declaring the whole counsel of God, “ whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear.”—W. A. F. A CHALLENGE FROM THE CHILDREN’S GARDEN

Take the January King’s Business-, turn to page 24, look at the opposite page and you will find a most unique little “ Junior Magazine” which can be detached without marring the rest of the magazine and folded to make an attractive little four page paper for the little folks. Then take a few moments to read it. Your heart will warm at once as you read the report of the Red Book (Gospel of John) Club, and see what practical work has been accomplished already. Two Chinese students are being sup­ ported in our Bible Institute in Hunan Province, China, at $40,00 each, and are being trained to preach the Gospel among their own people.

What effect would the application of the G o s p e l have upon a hungry- hearted, sin-sick world? Would not sinners seek the counsel of the church and the covert of the wings of Christ? Would they not.heed thè words, ‘‘Come unto Me ’’ from His lips, and lay their weary heads upon His shoulder and find in His pulsing heart rest for their souls ? Would it not be well for us, as individuals, to make this applica­ tion? When it has been given a fair trial has it ever proved to be a failure? There is a challenge to every Christian in the preacher’s message. Let us put it to the test ! THE EVIDENCE OF EXPERIENCE (See c o v e r cartoon) Notwithstanding the d o u b t s and denials of unbelieving preachers and college professors, Christian people are still enjoying the blessings that flow from the “ Living Rock.” For centur­ ies they have been drinking at the fountain, and experiencing its refresh­

Mrs. Meader, who edits The Chil­ dren’s Garden, is a real mother, and doing a work of love in getting so many little folks and young people lined up in definite Bible study. If you have any children, get them interested at once, and if you have none, then see that those of your friends who are parents subscribe for the magazine so that their children may have the bene- inspiration of membership in The Red Book fit and Club. Remember—the time to reach children for the Lord is while they are children! '0m “BEING JUST IFIED FREELY BY HIS GRACE” “Who is a sinn er?” I asked one day, And a voice inside seemed to say: “Romans th ree tw enty-three tells th e story, All have sinned and come sho rt of His glory.” “Then, can I no t do some g reat big thing, T hat will take me from under the curse of sin ?” And I heard, as from some of the heavenly host: “Not of your works, lest you should boast.” “But if I keep all the law which Moses gave, Will not God be merciful then and save?” But again I heard the same voice w ithin, And it said: “By th e law is th e knowledge of sin.” “Then w h at will I do if my works are in vain, And the law only puts me to open sham e?” God’s Word says: “Accept Jesus Christ and receive F u ll pardon th a t comes to all who believe.” —^O. H. Bettes

T. C. HO RTO N, E dito r-in -C hief T he K in g’s B usin ess S u p erin ten d en t Em eritu s Bible In stitu te of Lo s A ngeles

ing and soul-cleansing qualities. It is still efficacious. The Word of God said that it would be. And this in spite of the negations of “ high-minded” educators and other self-constituted conservators of all truth and knowledge. TJie promises are sure; the Divine revela­ tion immutable; the blessings to believers certain—for Gpd cannot lie. This is the crux of the whole Modernist controversy: Is the Bible true, or is it not true ? Is it fact, or fancy’s fiction? Is it what it’purports to be, the very Word of God? Is its veracity sufficiently proved to commend it to intelligent acceptance by reasoning men and women? Has God proved His integrity? Has He kept His promises ? Has He saved men and women the world over as He said He would? Has He given hope to countless thousands in the years that have gone, who were otherwise without hope? Has He brought com­ fort and cheer to multitudes of comfortless and cheer­ less everywhere? The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive, that men and women in every walk of life, rich and poor, cultured and ignorant, the weak and the strong, of every color and race, who have sought God’s blessing

Statement of Appreciation



AFTER eighteen years of faithful and Superintendent of the Institute. The wide ^ efficient service in connectionwith the influence of such a life can only be known foundation and management of the Bible when we shall have put off the limitations Institute of Los Angeles, Rev. T. C. of the flesh, and in eternity see “face to Horton has tendered, his resignation as face”; but we do know, that to all such Superintendent of the Institute, effective devoted disciples “there is laid up a crown January ist, 1925. of righteousness, which the Lord, the Upon presentation of the resignation, righteous Judge shall give” them “at that the Board of Directors, by a unanimous a^' vote, elected Mr. Horton Superintendent The sound basis> the comprehensive Emeritus of the Institute and requested plans> tbe evangelical enthusiasm, the him to retain his position as Editor-in- remarkable growth and influence of the Chief of The King’s Business, so that Institute, worldwide in its scope, is while relieved of the many onerous largely due to the inspiring leadership duties imposed by the former relation, the tbe retiring Superintendent, and in Institute would still have the benefit of token of the sincere appreciation of all his invaluable counsel, and the readers of otber co-laborers with Christ, in the The King’s Business, the great profit evangelization of the world, the Board resulting from the Editorship of the maga- of Directors desire to join with all such zine by this gifted and faithful servant of m saymg to our brother beloved, “Well the Lord. As an additional token of pro- done’ S°°d and faithfrrl servant and to found appreciation for the part taken by exPress the boPe that manK years of Mr. Horton in the foundation of the Bible useful service as editor and in °ther Institute of Los Angeles and its develop- departments of religious activity may be ment to its present high position among granted to Mr. Horton, in order that his similar institutions, the Board of Directors oft expressed desire to continue the battle desire to express, not only officially, but against sin to the very end, may be inbehalfof the workers andof the Alumni, realized. as well as in behalf of those at home and To our brother, in the language of the abroad, who have been saved and inspired. Book he loves so well, we say: to a life of service in the extension of the “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee; Kingdom of Christ, through the influence The Lordmake His face shine upon thee, of the Institute, the sincere gratitude felt and be gracious unto thee; The Lord for his devoted life and for the faithful lift up His countenance upon thee, and service rendered by Mr. Horton while give thee peace.”

The foregoing statem ent o f appreciation, adopted by the Board o f D irectors o f the B ible In stitu te o f Los A ng eles, at its meeting December yth, 1924, is published in T h e K in g 's Business, by order o f the said Board.

TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

February 1925

The T h re e fo id p rogram o f th e T r in i ty Dr. M ark A. Matthews, P a sto r F irs t P resby terian Church, Seattle, W ashington

B E B B f l 38 ■ ■ ■ ■ th e beloved p asto r of th e la rg e st P resby terian church in th e United S tates, and fo rm er Moderator of th e General Assembly. H is sermons are always strong, stirring , fearless messages on tim ely themes, and we greatly appreciate his perm ission to p rin t this, which is no exception. A review of Dr. Matthews’ la te st book, “Gospel Sword T h ru sts,” appeared in th e August K ing’s Business, and we d esire to re ite ra te ou r recommendation th a t i t should be in th e hands of every p asto r and evangelist.

“ B n t th e C o m f o r te r , w h o is t h e H o ly G h o s t, w h o m t h e F a t h e r w ill s e n d in m y n a m e , h e s h a l l te a e h y o n a l l t h i n g s , a n d b r in g a l l t h i n g s to y o u r r e m e m b r a n c e , w h a ts o e v e r I h a v e s a id u n to y o n .” J o h n 14 )2 6. ASK you to carefully read and study the four­ teen th chapter of John. I t is th e most superfic­ ially read chapter in the Bible. I ask you to study as th e key th e twenty-sixth verse. The chapter, first of all, testifies to the existence of th e T rinity. Second, it testifies to th e unity of th e Godhead. Third, it testifies to th e personality of th e members of the T rinity. F ou rth , to the w o rk ,;not only of th e T rinity, in unison working, bu t also to th e work perform ed by each member of the T rinity. F ifth 1, it says th a t belief in the T rin ity is essential. We h ear so much about w hat is essential and w hat is n o tf it is well for us to listen to the standard— God’s Word. Sixth, th e chapter testifies to the infallibility of th e Scrip­ tures. And, ¡seventh, to th e supreme work of the T rinity at the present time. P erhaps th a t will give you a super­ ficial division of the chapter, and the key, th e twenty-sixth verse, will enable you to unfold th e chapter. The; Threefold P rog ram of th e T rin ity There are th ree divisions in the program— th e three-fold program of the T rinity,—-the program for today, for tom or­ row, and for the fu tu re , i.e., what the T rin ity is doing now, and will continue to do un til the rap tu re; w h at the T rinity will do afte r the rap tu re and between the period of the rap tu re and th e end of th e m illennium ; and w hat th e T rin ­ ity will do afte r th e end of the m illennium and th roughou t eternity. I shall spenk of the program of today. But let me tell you some of the things God is n o t doing, th a t you may distinguish between th e false teachings so ram p an t today, and th e tru e gospel. F irs t: God is not creating anything. The period of creation ended some tim e ago. God is n o t in the business of making worlds, of creating species, of bringing new life into existence. God finished the work of creation and rested from it. Not th a t God ceased to w ork; b u t th a t He ceased to do th a t k ind of work is th e statem en t of Holy W rit. Second: God is not w riting new revelations. The Book of Revelation is closed. There has no t been a line added to th e Scripture, and th ere has not been a new sentence revealed by th e Holy Ghost since th e inspired record was finished. God will never make ano th er revelation, eith er in th is or th e two succeeding periods. God has thrown away His pen; He has ceased to w rite; th ere are no more manu­ scripts to be prepared by Him.

Third: God is doing bu t one th ing today, namely, saying souls. T hat is all He is doing, all He is going to do. That is now His supreme business. There are th ree sup ern atu ral persons— th e th ree persons of th e T rinity— engaged in th is work. They are the supreme architects of the soul in its origination. They a r e : the redeem ers of the soul, th e life and th e body. They have prepared a home, and a sta te of labor, progress and devel­ opment in th a t everlasting home. B elief in th e T rin ity E ssential Now, th is chapter teaches th a t belief in th e T rin ity is essential, and it also reveals th a t the whole tru th of th a t statem en t revolves around Jesus Christ. In th e opening statem en t Christ said, “You believe in God.” T h at is inevitable; you cannot avoid it; you cannot escape it. There is only one way for man to escape believing in th e existence of God, and th a t is to be born a fool. When any man of normal intellect, normal in every way, says he doesj; not the existence of God, then h e perju res him self; and, th e very denial is proof of the existence of God, for you cannot deny th a t which does not exist. ' But, Christ says, "You believe in God for two other reasons, not because of His existence only, bu t because of His benevolence, and because of His love, and becausb of His provision for you.” Those are things coming out of th e general providence of God th a t everyone inherits; be­ cause he is a hum an being. Christ states a more significant fact: “ You believe in God, then you must believe in me, if you are going to have th e benefits, the everlasting, saving benefits of the existence, mercy and love of God.” “ In other words, th is chapter teaches th a t th e love of God is suspended ju st so far above th e individual, and th e indi­ vidual will never come into the benefits of {he love of God other than those th a t general providence bestows on both the wicked and the saved, such as life, air, light, sleep, opportunity, food, etc. They have nothing to do w ith th e salvation of man, have no relationship to th e soul, and should never be tak en into consideration when talk ing about God’s work for the indi­ vidual. The saving blood of God is suspended above th e individual, and th ere is no way by which th e connection can be made between God and th e individual except through the Mediator, Christ. Christ .says, “You will never be con­ nected w ith God unless th a t connection is made by me. You believe in God; therefore, if the existence, th e love, (Continued on page 89)


TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

February 1925

T k e C on sec ra tion o f C ou rage in /H o lin e ss” by A Chapter from “ Conflict and Conquest Rev. J . C. Massee, D. D., P asto r T rem ont Temple, Boston

They have come to the hour of destiny. God’s purposes are ripening fast. His movements are sometimes slow to sho rt­ sighted men w ith th e ir brief span of hastening years, bu t His movements are c e r ta i n, and measured by the tape-line of etern ity ra th e r th a n by th e yard ­ stick of time, they hasten on.

The volume from which this chapter is taken, consists of a series of sermons deliv­ ered by Dr. Massee in his own pulpit, which proved of unusual interest and helpfulness to the great congregations which heard them. The sermons are based on the Book of Joshua, the lessons found there being aptly applied to the experience and attainment possible to the Christian believer of today.

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good cour­ age; be not affrighted, neither be thou dismayed: for Jehovah thy God is w ith thee w h ith erso ^ ever thou goest.”— Joshua 1:9.

0 0 much c a n n o t be made of the fact th a t th e re is a constant analogy between the

historic experience of God’s peo­ ple and the cu rren t experience of His saints. W hat hap­ pened to Joshua and Israel facing th e ir entrance into the Prom ised Land is constantly happening to those who follow their Lord in faith today, as they face open doors of oppor- •tun ity and new crises in the enlargem ent of th e ir spiritual experiences of comm itment to and service for th e ir Lord. God’s people then faced unprecedented task s and unp re­ cedented difficulties, real and imaginary. Years of p repara­ tion behind them , they had come a t last to th e place where preparation must be tran slated into practice, where faith must vision itself in service, where anticipation m ust issue in realization. A New and Untried Way Moses is dead. Joshua has been appointed leader. The w ilderness way w ith its m iraculous provisions and its fam iliar experiences of providence lies behind. A new, un tried way lies imm ediately before them . Jo shu a is a cautious leader. He has sent his spies and they have retu rn ed w ith th e ir report. One is hot sure from reading the record b u t th a t th e ir repo rt was made up before they went into the land. It must be remembered th a t Joshua who commands now instead of Moses had been one of the two w ith Caleb forty years before, who spied out th is land and retu rn ed w ith a good report. While the twelve spies of Moses w ent th rough the land and made up a rep o rt from personal observation, and discovered nothing of the a tti­ tude of the people of the land toward the proposed invasion of th e land of Israel; th e two spies of Joshua went directly to the home of Rahab and lay there. The only new thing they discovered was the melted h earts of th e people, be­ cause of Jehovah the God of Israel. The stage was all set for th e ir report, and th e ir repo rt was perfectly tim ed for the event— the advance by Israel into Canaan. Be th a t as it may, th e command of God to go forward is imperative, and the command from God to move forw ard means always a crisis in the experience of His people, for it has been ordained of God th a t His people walk by faith, not by sight. The Unprecedented Task The task for Joshua and Israel is the conquest of a land and th e establishm ent therein of a Holy people as a te sti­ mony for God to all the world. It must ever be remembered th a t God’s reason for establishing Israel in th e land of the nations, lies in the fact th a t He has ordained them to be a holy priesthood. The nations are to learn of Jehovah through Israel. Their theocratic government is to be at once an example and a challenge to all nations. Their method of life is to be an exemplification of th a t heavenly wisdom which they learned from Him who makes th e ten t of meeting the capital of th eir national life and of th eir personal life as well.

Scripture has already unfolded the fulfilment of God’s pu r­ poses in th ree of th e seven g reat dispensations. He had appointed a chosen seed, ordained a chosen race, called a chosen fqmily, covenanted for a chosen land and promised for the fu tu re a chosen nation, a selected trib e and an appointed kingdom— or dynasty. Seth was the chosen seed; Shem th e chosen race; Abraham the chosen fam ily; Canaan the chosen land; Israel th e promised nation; Jud ah the selected trib e; and the house and th ron e of David the appointed dynasty. It will be observed th a t in th e se seven, the chosen land occupies the m iddle place. It was prom ised in perpetuity to Abraham as an inheritance for him and his seed. Its boundaries are fixed in Genesis 15:18. He confirms th a t g ran t now to Joshua and Israel. The th ree dispensations of promise lie behind in fulfilment. The th ree dispensa­ tions of prophecy lie before in anticipation. It will be observed th a t the chosen land is essential to the elect nation. There must be a place of settlem ent. Israel must have a “ local habitation and a nam e.” They have come to the place, then, of the completion of th e last step and the initiation of th e next step iii the providence, purpose, and program of God. They must go in to possess th is land if they are to be borne along on the cu rren t of God’s purpose, unhindered by any cross-currents of worldliness and sin. We, who look back, marvel a t the definiteness and the setting of th is whole wondrous transaction. Here join the stream s of history and prophecy, and th eir confluence makes both crisis and destiny for a people. The Crisis of th e W orld’s Religious H istory The Church and its.leaders, by direct analogy, if one may read the signs of th e times and in te rp re t th e sp irit of the age, today stand a t the crisis of the world’s religious his­ tory. We have not chosen this hour nor selected the line of sp iritu al battle w ith which we are certainly confronted in th e world. Yet we have come to th e place where Christian • faith and the Christian church can no longer consent to be on the defensive. We dare not perm it another to choose our battleground. Perhaps the one imperative of this hour for the Christian Church is th a t it assume an aggressive offensive, in the propagation of its faith. Our sp iritu al lib­ erties lay upon us sp iritu al responsibility to possess a posi­ tion for a holy people in whom the Holy Spirit shall pre­ serve and continue to voice the testim ony of Jesus. We dare not ta rry this side of Jordan. We cannot go back to the wilderness way of our aimless wanderings. We can no - longer live on th e provisions of the past. We must cross over and fight, or rem ain and perish. Their difficulties were all bu t innumerable and insuper­ able. F o r Israel th ere were a riv er w ithout a bridge and w ithout ferries; walled cities; armed enemies; untried




February 1925

roads; the necessity for a complete reconstruction of th eir organization a t the beginning of th e ir movement. But th eir chiefest difficulty lay in th is— th a t they were requ ired to move forward solely for God’s reason, the w arfare of holi­ ness against sin. And also they must go forward in entire dependence upon the presence and power of God in their conflict. Therein and th ereunder alone lay th e ir hope of victory. The Unholy T riple Alliance Unprecedented difficulties c o.n f r o n t the Christian Church today in the oppositions of the unholy trip le alliance of organized materialism , intel.lectualism, and occultism, in a setting of religious liberalism , w ith th e ir forces organized under the tu telage of th e philosophy of. evolution, th e most pagan philosophy th e world has ever known. The Church is confronted w ith th e fact th a t th is trip le alliance of this world’s philosophies has taken over th e citadels of our schools, has seduced our preachers to become th e ir propa­ gandists; has despoiled us of our public press as mani­ fested in papers, periodicals and books, and has succeeded by the sheer force of a. Christless public opinion in demoral­ izing the morale of the Christian forces. The tw entieth Century Church is confronted w ith an organized paganism more perfect in its expression and its organization even than th a t which the F irst Century Church faced in imperial Rome. Every force and factor of a Christless world and a Godless age are against us. We must fight or die! There is no place in th is land where the Christian individual or the Christian Church can be passive and live. Every stu ­ dent is challenged as to his faith. Every business man, if he maintains Christian standards, must give a reason for the hope th a t is in him. Every preacher, loyal to th e Gos­ pel of Christ, suffers a living martyrdom . The first century commission of Christ to those who should be endued with the power of the Holy Spirit to become His w itness, righ tly tran slated , reads: “Ye shall become my m artyrs, in Je ru ­ salem, in Judea, in Samaria, and unto th e u tterm o st parts of the world.” The same th ing is finding a new urgency and a new expression in the lives of those who m aintain the faith of C h rist'in the world today. When Christ said:

“ I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not pre­ vail against it,” He th ru st a . sword into the hand of the Church. He forever forbade a passive a ttitu d e for her. F o r the gates of hell are to be assailed by th e Church of Christ and by the power of the Word of the Living God. The gates of hell, the forces of evil, under assault, from the lives and lips of faith fu l men are to be beaten down, broken off and destroyed. The Challenge to th e Church Dare we commit ourselves to th e possession, th e purpose, and the program of God? How closely the challenge of Joshua and Israel parallels th e challenge of those who in th is day serve th eir God and preserve th e in teg rity of .their faith. Like Joshua and Israel, th e Church is now chal­ lenged to take'possession of th e stage for Jehovah’s display of H imself in th e earth . There is a w arfare, th ere is a b at­ tle, upon which may hinge the fu tu re of the whole Christian Church. The g reatest difficulty w ith which we are faced, perhaps, lies in the demand of God th a t we realize His reason for our conflict, in the perpetuation by th e Church of the testimony of Jesusf;feand in His demand th a t we carry forw ard the fight solely in dependence upon th e Spirit of the living God and by the employment of His weapons of warfare. We face such an hour as came to Wesley when Christian England had become Deistic, in fact, while still clinging to th e nomenclature of Christianity. We face such an hour as came to W illiam Carey when the ingrow ing process' of th e Christian Church had spoiled it of its fidelity, robbed it of its 'devotion and plundered it of its power. We face such a day as the Welsh Church faced when for two years God tried in various pulpits and chapels to b reak through in th e g rea t revival which finally found expression when Evan Roberts and his band of sixteen friends yielded them ­ selves w ithout reservation to the possession, the purpose and the program of God. He is saying to us as He said to the early Church, if we have ears to- hear H im : “Behold, I have set before thee a door opened” (Rev. 3 :8 ). Dare we en ter it?

a g


N anyo h— ÇK ina^at W o rsh ip Dr. Jo h n Murdoch Maclnnis Teacher of Philosophy o f th e C hristian Religion, Bible In stitu te of Los Angeles

In addition to th e reg u lar rep o rt from ou r Hunan B ible In stitu te in China (see. page 68) we count oiirselves indeed for­ tu n a te to have th e following splendid message from Dr. Maclnnis, who sp en t several months la st summ er in China addressing various M issionary Conferences, p articu larly th e Autumn Bible Conference a t Nanyoh.

5H is one of China’s five sacred mountains, and tne can watch the long line of pilgrim s trudg- th eir way tow ards its sacred shrine and not ize th a t China is essentially religious.

of the Governor of the Province. He had come hundreds of miles, and th is was th e th ird annual pilgrim age which he had made to th is famous shrine as a resu lt of a vow made by his mother some years ago. He is a college student studying a t one of the outstanding universities in China; bu t still one of th e tens of thousands who bring th eir bu r­ dens to empty shrines and burn incense to silent gods. The Minor Key It is estim ated th a t eighty per cent of the millions of China are more or less held by these false ideas of worship. W atching th eir faces as they bow a t these shrines it is hard to th ink th a t they are not in earnest and th a t they do not confidently expect some answer to th e cry of th eir heart. But there is nothing to indicate th a t they get any answer.

Many of China’s, shrines may be neglected and forsaken, but this is not tru e of Nanyoh. Its temples and winding mountain paths are crowded w ith weary, earnest, seeking pilgrims from far and near. These are mostly men and boys,— comparatively few women. They are from all walks of life; the rich and the poor m ingle a t these altars, having little in common save the d e s ire .to do something to gain favor w ith th e gods. One day we joined th is procession of worshipping pil­ grims and, while resting in one of the rest houses, were introduced to an intelligent young man who was the nephew

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