Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics - April 2020

April 2020

We Want to Help You Reconnect With the Activities and Communities That Make You Happy

Back in January, Brittany and I were fortunate enough to attend the Nordic Ski and Biathlon Clinic on behalf of Kormylo Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics. We worked with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) assisting athletes of all ages with repairs or adjustments they might need for their prostheses. We learned that most, if not all, the skiers who were in prostheses needed adjustments to move in their skis properly. They couldn’t get any traction if their foot wasn’t set a certain way. We were able to help a lot of people and learned even more that weekend. When CAF began a chapter in Boise last year, I was excited about the opportunities Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics would have to serve the community alongside them. I grew up in Boise and worked at Kormylo before I bought it not too long ago. The Treasure Valley has been my community for 32 years. I want to do whatever I can to help our clients flourish within it. Besides CAF, we’ve had the chance to partner with a few other local organizations with missions to help amputees and disadvantaged groups around Boise. A few months ago, we joined forces with the St. Luke’s Elks Amputees support group. It’s a place where amputees can meet with one another for group exercises and to learn about different community resources, activities, and opportunities. While the support group meetings have unfortunately been canceled through May 31 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, meetings will hopefully resume after that at their regularly scheduled time and date, 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month. Many of our patients are also military veterans, which is why we are highlighting Mission 43. Mission 43 is a local organization that helps current members of our armed forces as well as veterans transition from the military back into civilian life. We’re one of Mission 43’s civilian supporters, and we’ve made a point of familiarizing ourselves with the resources they could provide

for some of our patients. They host events every month around

the city to help military members and their families connect with communities, potential employers, and one another. If

you’re interested in upcoming opportunities to connect with other members of our community, or to help Mission 43 in any way, then visit their website at Many events may have been canceled because of the COVID-19 outbreak, so make sure to contact Mission 43 through their website to learn which events and opportunities are still happening.

Ultimately, we want our office to be a place where patients can learn about how they can connect to the Treasure Valley community. We give our patients a multitude of options to find activities they love and people they enjoy being around. Even if you just have questions about living day to day with a prosthesis, we can connect you with another one of our patients. We don’t want our patients to just get by in the Treasure Valley community — we want them to thrive and pursue a truly fulfilling life. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics has been deemed an essential business, and we are currently open for appointments. If you need to schedule an appointment to come in, or you just need someone to talk to during this season of social distancing, then we are here to help. Check out our website, our Facebook page, or our Instagram for more information!

– Stephanie McDonald

“The Treasure Valley has been my community for my 32 years. I want to do whatever I can to help our clients flourish within it.”

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