Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

QUICK BLOCK SPECS • Each Quick Block contains a mix of 3 25mm liners that are 4-5 weeks old.

• The Quick Block mixes are trusted breeder mixes, and our exclusive Blueberry Scramble combines standard petunias with Alternanthera Little Ruby as an accent plant for a unique look. • Quick Blocks are made of compressed coco fiber that absorb water and will increase in size when first watered. An attractive clear plastic holding tray helps with ease of handling. Each block will contain a variety label growers can use in their combination for accurate tagging. • Liners are planted into the Quick Block and grown for 4 weeks, at which time they get another pinch and an application of B9/Florel for further branching. These steps ensure that the Quick Block arrives at the grower ready for planting and a quick finish after transplant.


TO THIS . . .

Walk of Stars TM 4 weeks later

FEATURED AND AVAILABLE MIXES Blueberry Scramble Mix Caribbean Cocktail Mix Spring Showers™ Mix

The Queen Mix - NEW Walk of Stars™ Mix Who Knew Orleans Mix Wine Down™ Mix

FINISH TIMES • 10” container – 1 Quick Block for 4 weeks. • 12” container – 1 Quick Block for 5 weeks or 2 Quick Blocks for 4 weeks. • 14” container – 2 Quick Blocks for 4-5 weeks. • Don’t forget! You can also purchase Quick Blocks and sell them the week they come in as a “prefinished” combo customers can place in containers they already have at home. ORDERING AND SHIPPING INFORMATION • Minimum order is 6 Quick Blocks: 6 Quick Blocks = 1 shipping unit. • Our half box holds a total of 12 Quick Blocks. 107

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