Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Angelonia Alonia TM 51 Fast growing and heat tolerant Great branching habit with tons of large blooms Excellent garden perfomance Full sun ➜

➜ Angelonia Carita TM 51 Caritas have large flowers on strong stems - upright habit Flowers continuously throughout the season with good heat tolerance Ideal for landscape and container planters




Big Bicolor Pink upright, 14–18”

Big Bicolor Purple upright, 14–18”

Purple upright, 16–20”

Raspberry upright, 16–20”

White upright, 16–20”

Big Blue upright, 14–18”

Angelonia Carita TM Cascade 51 Carita Cascade has a unique semi-trailing growth habit Continuous flowering throughout the season Superb heat tolerance Ideal for hanging baskets and large container planters




Big Grape upright, 14–18”

Big Snow upright, 14–18”

Cascade Deep Purple semi-trailing, 8–10”

Cascade Raspberry semi-trailing, 8–10”

Big Cherry upright, 14–18” 11

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