Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Fern 51 Sun Fern Olympia is a novelty accent plant that brings the fern “look” to mixed containers in full sun The Boston Fern is the well-known staple fern for hanging baskets in the shade Kimberly Fern, also called a sword fern, is an upright growing variety that thrives in medium to low light levels

Pilea 51 Commonly referred to as the friendship plant. Bright green & textured leaves Can be grown in containers or in small hanging baskets




Moon Valley upright, 8–10”

Artemesia Sun Fern Olympia

Darwin Perennials

mounding, 14–18”

Spider Plant Green Edge Mega50 An array of color and texture for single pot production Great as accents in combo pots Available beginning week 2

Mega50 Tray is available beginning week 45 1801 Tray is available beginning week 40


Chlorophytum comosum upright, 12–18”

Boston Fern (Mega50 & 1801) upright, 18–24”

Kimberly Fern ( 1801) upright, 18–24”

Tradescantia 51 Trailing plant with unique variegated foliage Ideal for hanging baskets and combination planters

Peperomia obtusifolia 51 Foliage plant grown for its attractive foliage Bicolor foliage on glossy, round, and leathery leaves



Bridal Veil trailing, 12–14”


Dümmen Orange

semi-trailing, 8–12”

Citrus Twist upright, 8–10”

Pistachio TM White semi-trailing, 8–12”

Purple-Silver semi-trailing, 8–12”

Marble upright, 8–10”

Greenfuse 129

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