Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Ajuga Feathered Friends TM Mega50 Exciting foliage colors in this series from breeder Chris Hansen First yellow foliage ajuga with blue flowers Excellent foliage color on a hardy-to-zone-4 perennial ground cover Available weeks 2 - 19

Dianthus SuperTrouper TM 51


SuperTroupers possess strong stems and excellent root sytems An excellent pot and garden plant, there is a wide range of colors to choose from Fragrant Hardy to zone 4 Available weeks 45 - 10

Chris Hansen


Combo Tray semi-trailing, 4”

Cordial Canary PPAF , Noble Nightingale PPAF , Fancy Finch PPAF , Fierce Falcon PPAF , Tropical Toucan PPAF

Lavender + Eye mounding, 6–8”

Light Pink mounding, 6–8”

Coreopsis Solanna TM 51 Profuse continuous flowering Brilliant yellow color Compact and mounded habit Ideal for garden, patios and mixed containers Hardy to zone 5


Purple upright, 10–14”

Orange upright, 10–14”

Bright Touch upright, 14–18”

Red + White upright, 10–14”

Silver Pink upright, 10–14”

Yellow ‘24 upright, 10–14”

Velvet + White upright, 10–14”

Golden Sphere mounding, 14–18” 135

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