Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Bacopa Calypso TM 51 Easy to grow Controlled trailing habit Jumbo flowers

Begonia Beauvilia ® Mega50 Semi-trailing begonia suitable for pots or hanging baskets Single flowers but very floriferous Available weeks 2-19




Jumbo Rose trailing, 4–6”

Jumbo Deep Lavender trailing, 4–6”

Dark Salmon semi-trailing, 8–10”

Jumbo White trailing, 4–6”

Bacopa Scopia ® 51

Early flowering with large color-rich blooms Ideal for hanging baskets and mixed containers Full sun - part shade


Hot Pink semi-trailing, 8–10”

Double Indigo semi-trailing, 6–8”

Double Snowball semi-trailing, 6–8”

Gulliver Blue trailing, 4–6”

White semi-trailing, 8–10”

Gulliver Pink trailing, 4–6”

Gulliver White trailing, 4–6”

Red semi-trailing, 8–10” 13

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