Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Calibrachoa 51 Excellent mounded habit

Calibrachoa Aloha Kona 51 Aloha Kona is an early blooming, compact series of Calibrachoa that is perfect for mounded baskets or small pots The large flowers come in a wide range of tropical colors Dümmen Orange

Unique color in calibrachoa Continuous summer flowering


Caramel mounding, 6–10”

Cherry Red mounding, 8–10”

Hot Pink mounding, 8–10”


Calibrachoa 51 Hot pink flower margin with a black throat and center Mounding habit ideal for pots and baskets Continuous summer flowering


Midnight Blue mounding, 8–10”

Neon mounding, 8–10”

Dracula mounding, 6–10”

Calibrachoa 51 Truly unique variety with multiple rings of distinct color Mounding habit Blooms Spring through Fall

Pineapple mounding, 8–10”


Orange Zest mounding, 8–10”

Sunshine mounding, 8–10”

Illusion mounding, 6–10”

Yellow mounding, 8–10”


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