Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Calibrachoa Callie ® 51 A profusion of petunia-like blooms flowering all season long

Calibrachoa Candy Shop TM 51 A truly unique brush-work bicolor pattern Early flowering Bag of Trix is one variety that reverts back and forth between a purple and rose color making it look like a mix of colors but all on one plant! Westflowers

Bred for early flowering under shorter days Strong root system is more tolerant to high pH Ideal for hanging baskets and large containers


Bag of Trix trailing, 6–10”

Candy Bouquet mounding, 6–12”

Hot Pink Spark trailing, 6–10”

Eclipse Strawberry trailing, 6–10”


Fancy Berry upright mounding, 6–12”

Grape Splash upright mounding, 6–12”

Light Blue trailing, 6–10”

Mango trailing, 6–10”

Calibrachoa Chameleon TM 51 Very unique colors! Compact and uniform across the series


Rose trailing, 6–10”

Purple trailing, 6–10”

Atomic Orange semi-trailing, 8–10”

Blackberry Pie semi-trailing, 8–10”

Star Orange trailing, 6–10”

Blueberry Scone semi-trailing, 8–10”

Indian Summer semi-trailing, 8–10”

Pink Splash semi-trailing, 8–10”

Sunshine Berry semi-trailing, 8–10”

White trailing, 6–10”

Yellow trailing, 6–10” 23

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