Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Canna Cannova ® Mega50 Earliest flowering canna

Nonstop bloomer, from spring to fall Great branching, compact and uniform Grows better in cooler climates and lower light than other canna varieties First F1 hybrid canna series from seed

Ball Ingenuity

Mango upright, 24–36”


Bronze Scarlet upright, 24–36”

Orange Shades upright, 24–36”

Bronze Orange upright, 24–36”

Bronze Peach upright, 24–36”

Yellow upright, 24–36”

Red Golden Flame upright, 24–36”

Rose upright, 24–36”

Scarlet upright, 24–36”

Cassia 51

Celosia Intenz 51 Pinched A drought tolerant bedding plant that is a major butterfly attractant with a striking violet plume color Use as an accent plant for combos or as a landscape edging component Blooms from early summer to mid fall Grow in full sun Ball Ingenuity ➜

Celosia Kelos ® 51 Long flowering period Flowers hold up for a long time even on the retail bench Very durable landscape plant

Cassia is a great plant to attract butterflies, bees and birds to your garden Drought tolerant and repels deer Foliage when touched gives off a “buttered popcorn” smell



Fire Red upright, 10–14”


Popcorn upright, 20–32”

Fire Orange upright, 10–14”

Fire Yellow upright, 10–14”

Dark Purple upright, 14–16”


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