Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Impatiens New Guinea Spectra TM 51 Raising the standard for New Guinea Impatiens with interspecific breeding Large flowers, excellent branching, and intense colors Early to flower series versatile for containers or hanging baskets

Impatiens New Guinea Sun Harmony TM 51 Full sun and easy to grow in home gardens or containers Medium to large habit Recommended for quart pots up to 2.5 quart Large flowers full of color



Deep Orange mounding, 18–24”

Bright Red mounding, 14–16”

Lavender mounding, 18–24”

Red mounding, 18–24”


Violet mounding, 18–24”

Magenta mounding, 14–16”

Orange Imp mounding, 14–16”


Pink Bicolor mounding, 14–16”

White mounding, 18–24”

White mounding, 14–16” 59

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