Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Lantana Bandana ® 51 Bred to have excellent branching and upright mounding habit Large heat-tolerant flowers Ideal for mixed containers, hanging baskets, and in the landscape

Lantana Bandolero TM 51 Bigger, bolder, and the best choice for larger containers

Large blooms are paired with vigorous habits for show-stopping performance Ideal for northern regions that need more vigor and southern growers that want big and bold containers Ideal for 2.5 Qt. and larger containers Syngenta ➜


Cherry mounding, 16–20”

Guava mounding, 18–24”

Cherry Sunrise mounding, 18–24”


Black Cherry mounding, 16–20”

Cherry Sunrise mounding, 16–20”


Mango mounding, 16–20”

Lemon mounding, 18–24”

Gold mounding, 16–20”


Peach mounding, 16–20”

Pink mounding, 16–20”

Lychee mounding, 18–24”

Pink mounding, 18–24”

Rose mounding, 16–20”

Pineapple mounding, 18–24”

Red mounding, 16–20”

White mounding, 18–24”

Red mounding, 18–24”

Yellow mounding, 16–20”

White mounding, 16–20” 63

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