Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Petunia Splash Dance TM Premium 51 Unique speckled pattern in flowers

Petunia Sanguna ® Patio 51 Bred for tight spacing Abundant flowering Great choice for season-long color in the landscape Great performance for late season production

Holds this pattern in high temperatures Blooms early enough for any market



Bolero Blue semi-trailing, 12–14”

Radiant Dark Blue upright, 10–12”

Melon Morn upright, 10–12”

Magenta Mambo semi-trailing, 12–14”

Fuchsia Flamenco semi-trailing, 12–14”

Radiant Rose upright, 10–12”

Radiant Violet upright, 10–12”

Petunia Shortcake TM 51 Shortcake turns the table and brings novelty color in a package that also excels in the garden A versatile habit that works well in small pots and combos, but will still size up for an impressive display in the garden Combining a grower-friendly habit with a unique, stable flower pattern, Shortcake is sure to be a hit at retail Syngenta

Moon Walk semi-trailing, 12–14”


Purple Polka semi-trailing, 12–14”

Violet Vogue semi-trailing, 12–14”

Blueberry spreading, 8–12”

Raspberry spreading, 8–12”

Rumba Rose semi-trailing, 12–14”


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