Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Plectranthus 51

Portulaca Mega Pazzaz TM 51



Fragrant with variegated leaves Ideal for mixed containers and hanging baskets

Moss rose plants resemble miniature roses Same great performance as the Pazzaz series with bigger plants and bigger flowers Ideal for bedding plants, mixed containers and hanging baskets



coleoides Variegata trailing, 8–14”

Plectranthus FanciFillers TM 51 Outstanding foliage component for hanging baskets, containers, and in-ground plantings Beautiful blend of yellow and avocado green foliage on deep red stems Guacamole performs best in full shade, direct sun can burn the foliage


Mango Twist trailing, 12–18”

Orange trailing, 12–18”

Guacamole trailing, 18–24”

Portulaca ColorBlast TM Double 51 Pinched Fully explosive double flowers brings excitement to baskets as well as garden beds Double flowers do not close up as much at night like singles do Westflowers

Pink Twist trailing, 12–18”

Purple trailing, 12–18”


Magenta trailing, 10–16”

Guava trailing, 10–16”

Orange trailing, 10–16”

Yellow trailing, 10–16”

Red trailing, 12–18”


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