Mast Young Plants 2023-2024 Catalog

Portulaca Pazzaz TM Nano 51

Pinched Large flowers, thick stems, and big leaves on a more compact and mounded growth habit than Pazzaz TM Great for quarts and hanging baskets Danziger

Hot Pink semi-trailing, 6–10”

Orange Twist semi-trailing, 6–10”

Fuchsia semi-trailing, 6–10”

Orange semi-trailing, 6–10”

Purple semi-trailing, 6–10”

Tropical Punch semi-trailing, 6–10”

Yellow semi-trailing, 6–10”

Yellow Twist semi-trailing, 6–10”

Portulaca Samba 51

Portulaca 24/7 TM Series 51 Large double blooms that are 2-3” diameter in size Uniform series that is day length neutral and can work in quarts all the way up to baskets Flowers don’t close at night Greenfuse


Moss rose plants resemble miniature roses Flowers close under low light conditions Ideal for bedding plants, mixed containers and hanging baskets




Red mounding, 8-10”

Pink Bicolor trailing, 8-12”

Rose trailing, 8-12”

Orange mounding, 8-10”

Yellow mounding, 8-10” 91

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