By David MacDonald J ulie is well on her way to obtaining her CCSP Masters of Real Estate Staging designation – her meritorious completion of the initial Canadian Certified Staging Professional course provided her with 16 of the 28 required credits. On her march to 28 Julie has become an Occupied Staging Specialist, something that has allowed her to stretch her creative wings at new heights. “I prefer taking a vacant space, a blank canvas, so to speak, and transforming it into a warm and welcoming setting,” she explained. “But, both occupied and vacant staging projects provide me with the opportunity to apply and develop my creative talents and are rewarding in their own ways. I strive for each project to represent my work in the best way possible, especially considering how important referral business is in staging.” “When I stage either a vacant or occupied property, I have to take into account several factors,” Julie continued. “I need to consider who the target buyer is going to be; the style, design, and layout of the home; and what current trends would be appropriate in the space or spaces. My goal with any staging project is to showcase the property’s rooms to their fullest potential keeping in mind function, flow and focal point. The buyer needs to envision themselves living there, so creating

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