Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974

In addition to these specific requirements, the admissions committee will give preference to students with strong undergraduate backgrounds. Maximum preparation in the biological and social sciences is recom­ mended. Students desiring admission for the fall semester should com­ plete their applications by February 15th. FINANCES Since no facilities are available on campus for room and board, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of the total cost of study at the Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology. Finances expended for room and board vary greatly with the individual need. Students can find local housing in a large range of prices. Other specified fees are listed below: Tuition $800.00 Professional Growth Fee 100.00 Application Fee (not refundable) 15.00 Late Registration 5.00 General Fees (Includes Registration, Library, Accident and Medical Insurance) 40.00 Estimated Tuition and Fees per Semester, excluding Application Fee 940.00 Graduation Fee 25.00 Financial Assistance There are a limited number of scholarships, assistantships and low interest loans available to entering students. These range from remission of tuition to a maximum of $2400 annually plus remission of tuition. The assistantships require approximately 20 hours of work weekly. The first two years of graduate study are typically the most difficult finan­ cially. After that time, most students are either receiving financial assist­ ance or have secured part-time employment of a psychological nature in one of the many mental health facilities nearby. Students in need of financial aid should make requests for this along with their application for admission. Payment of Bills All bills are to be paid by the announced due date to the bursar for each term unless other satisfactory arrangements have been made before­ hand with the Administrative Vice President. Refunds Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology will refund a sum which does not vary more than 10 per cent from the exact pro rata portion of such tuition, fees and other charges that the length of the completed portion of the course bears to its total length. The date of withdrawal is the date on which the Registrar is in­ formed in writing by the student of the intention to withdraw. General fees are not refundable. 20

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