Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Classification of Students

Students meeting all entrance requirements including graduation from an accredited undergraduate college will be classified as regular graduate students. A student who does not fulfill all entrance require­ ments may be admitted on a provisional status until he corrects the deficiency. Any such deficiencies must be removed within one calendar year of a student's admission as a provisional student. Grades Required for Graduation Students wishing to obtain a graduate degree must maintain con­ sistently high academic performance. An overall B average is required for all degrees. Only grades of A, B or C earn graduate credit. Grades of all students are recorded in the Office of the Registrar. Grading is done on the following basis: A-Superior achievement -four grade points per unit B-Above average achievement -three grade points pe·r unit C-Minimum passing performance -two grade points per unit E-Failure -no grade points I-Incomplete -no grade points S-Satisfactory -no grade points WP- Withdrawal Passing -no grade points WE-Withdrawal Failing - no grade points An Incomplete is a grade given to a student by the instructor for circumstances beyond the student's control. (Illness, etc. ) A student must appeal for an Incomplete to the instructor before the end of the semester. An Incomplete incurred in one semester must be made up by the end of the first nine (9 ) weeks of the next semester or the grade will automatically become an "E" and can be made up only by repetition of the course. The only exception to this rule is for extreme hardship as determined by Committee on Academic Qualifications. A student may be allowed only two C's; a third C will eliminate him from the program. No grade other than an I may be altered once it has been reported to the Registrar unless an error was made in grading or recording. These changes can only be made upon written approval of the instructor, the Registrar and the committee on Admissions and Academic Qualifi­ cations. Dropping of Courses Courses may be dropped without assignment of a grade during the first four weeks of the semester. A grade of WP or WE will be recorded for classes dropped after this time until the last day that classes meet. Student Loads The normal full-time load for a graduate student is twelve to sixteen hours per semester. No student will be allowed to carry over sixteen units 21

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