Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974

in any semester and no full-time student may carry less than nine units until he has been admitted to candidacy. Students engaged in outside work must adjust their academic loads in consultation with their faculty advisor. Transfer Credit Doctoral candidates may transfer up to thirty semester hours of psychology and up to fifteen hours of theology graduate study from an accredited school. No courses may be transferred if the grade is below a B. Credit by ExarninaUon No graduate credit will be given by examination. Students who possess excellent background in an area of study may petition the com­ mittee on Admissions and Academic Qualifications for waiver of a re­ quired course on the basis of examination. No credit is given on this basis, however. Time Limit for Degrees All course and academic requirements must be completed within eight years of the beginning of the student's graduate study at Rosemead. Student Health Services Due to the limited student body enrollment, no health services are available on campus. All students are provided with group health insur­ ance as a part of their registration fee. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS The Master of Arts Degree: This degree signifies the completion of the core requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree and is not considered a terminal degree. No students will be admitted for graduate study unless they intend to pursue the Ph.D. degree. The M.A. degree in general psychology will be awarded to students who successfully complete a prescribed program of graduate study including the following : (1) A total of 45 units of academic work

(a) A minimum of 36 semester units in Psychology (b) A minimum of 9 semester units in Theology (2) One year of resident graduate study

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree: The Ph.D. degree in Counseling Psychology signifies completion of a course of study designed to pre­ pare students for professional careers in psychology. It includes solid grounding in general psychology and research techniques. In addition to basic course requirements, it requires successful completion of an original research project, and one year of supervised internship in an approved setting. For students without previous graduate study, the Ph.D. program requires approximately five years of full-time study. The 22

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