Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974

(5) Professional Qualifying Examinations In addition to the comprehensive written examination in the funda­ mentals of psychology and theology, all students must also pass an intensive examination in the area of counseling psychology. This exami­ nation covers advanced academic study and practicum experiences and is designed to evaluate the students readiness to pursue a full-time professional internship and to complete the remaining doctoral require­ ments. (6) Internship All students are required to complete one year of full-time intern­ ship in an approved setting. This internship may consist of two years of experience on a half-time basis. (7) Dissertation A dissertation evidencing high attainment in original scholarship must be submitted by all Ph.D. candidates. Since Rosemead is a pro­ fessional school, the dissertation topic will usually be closely related to the student's applied professional interests. The dissertation topic and proposal must be approved by the candidate's advisory committee. Five weeks prior to graduation the candidate must submit two ap­ proved typewritten copies of his dissertation. The two final copies are read by all committee members prior to the final oral examination. (8) Final Oral Examination The final examination is an oral defense of the dissertation. In some instances the candidate may also be examined in other areas in which the advisory committee has requested additional preparation.


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