Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974


All students take the same set of core courses or demonstrate com­ petency in those academic areas during their first two years of study. These courses give the student a broad background in general psy­ chology and in theology and prepare him for the comprehensive exami­ nations which come at the completion of the spring semester of the second year of graduate study. The following courses comprise the re­ quired core curriculum:


P501 Measurement P502 Statistics P601 Research Design

P511 Psychology of Learning P513 Theories of Personality I P513 Theories of Personality II P524 Developmental Psychology


T501 Seminar in Christian Living T504 Biblical Studies

T511 Theology I T512 Theology II T611 Theology III T612 Theology IV

In addition to the core curriculum all students take a series of courses designed to develop professional skills in Counseling Psychology. These courses must be completed prior to the internship. Required courses in this sequence are:

P500 Introduction to Professional Psychology P651 Career Development

P522 Assessment of Intelligence P621 Assessment of Personality P653 Vocational Counseling

P521 Psychopathology and Diagnosis I P521 Psychopathology and Diagnosis II P602 Principles of Counseling P631 Advanced Techniques in Counseling and Psychotherapy P641 Group Techniques in Counseling P691-696 Practicum Following completion of these courses the student spends his re­ maining time in elective study, integration seminars in psychology and theology, dissertation research and one full year of internship in an approved setting. 26

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