Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974



P500 Introduction to Professional Psychology (3) An orientation to the profession of psychology including lectures and case observations.

P501 Measurement (3)

A survey of basic methods used in constructing and standardizing psychological tests and principles involved in interpretation of test scores. Prerequisite: Undergraduate statistics

P502 Statistics (3)

Lecture and laboratory covering sampling and statistical inference. The course includes both parametric and nonparametric hypothesis testing. Prerequisite: Undergraduate statistics

P511 Psychology of Learning (3)

A comparison of major learning theories and an investigation of experimental contributions to the study of basic processes includ­ ing conditioning, motivation, inhibition, generalization and dis­ crimination. Prerequisite: Undergraduate course in Learning

P513 Theories of Personality I (3), II (3)

A critical evaluation of primary sources of selected personality theories including Freudian, neo-Freudian, phenomenological and learning theorists. Prerequisite: Undergraduate course in Personality

P521 Psychopathology and Diagnosis I (3), II (3)

The classification, dynamics, diagnosis and etiology of mental dis­ orders. Attention is also given to the concepts of normality and mental illness and other theoretical issues involved in the classifi­ cation of personality abnormalities. Major diagnostic emphasis is placed on the Rorschach and the integration of case history data with a diagnostic battery into a meaningful case report . 27

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