Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974

P614 Community Mental Health I: Child Rearing (2)

A seminar on child rearing practices with spetial attention to the parent-child relationship. A program for community education of parents will be developed by each student.

P615 Community Mental Health II: Community Resources (2) An investigation of federal , state, county and local agencies, both public and private, involved in preventive and corrective efforts to bring emotional well being to citizens of the community. Emphasis on helping the psychologist to make coordinated use of available services for treatment programs. P616 Community Mental Health III: The Culturally and Economically Disadvantaged (2) An inquiry into the life styles of the so-called culturally disad­ vantaged groups, particularly the educationally and economically deprived. Counseling and therapeutic methods are examined and altered on the basis of cultural differences in order to increase professional effectiveness.

P621 Assessment of Personality (3)

An introduction to the evaluation of personality functioning. Major emphasis is placed on projective tests including Thematic Apper­ ception Test and the Rorschach administration, scoring and inter­ pretation.

P631 Advanced Techniques in Counseling and Psychotherapy (3)

An in-depth study of the counseling relationship and the process of therapy. Special attention is given to the concepts of transfer­ ence, countertransference, resistance and interpretation. Prerequisite: P602

P632 Research Problems in Personality and Psychotherapy (2)

A consideration of experimental approaches to the study of per­ sonality and psychotherapy. Special emphasis is placed on problems in design and execution of research in these areas. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor 29

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