Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974

P641 Group Techniques in Counseling (3)

Theory and process in group counseling. Psychotherapeutic tech­ niques and research applied to group procedures. Peer support and intervention as process variables.

P642 Psychotherapy with Children (3)

The nature and treatment of common emotional and behavioral problems of childhood. This course includes observational and thera­ peutic experiences with children. Prerequisites: P521

P651 Career Development (3)

Rationale for the development of interest in the human organism. Educational, vocational, social, and religious interests are studied as well as early and later determinants of choice .

P653 Vocational Counseling (3)

The application of techniques of counseling and findings of career psychology to vocational planning. Theories of vocational choice are studied and applied to the process of helping clients develop occupational objectives. Thorough acquaintance will be made with the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and several career information library services avail­ able for commercial, school, and private use. Prerequisite: P651

P661 Computer Methods in Psychological Research (3)

Application of computer methods to research design and analysis. Computer programming for correlational and factor-analytic studies.

P671 Marriage and The Family (3)

An examination of current theories, and thought regarding court­ ship and mate selection; marital adjustment and family disorgani­ zation; family life cycle, role analysis, intermarriage, transactional behavior and fertility.

P691-696 Practicum (1-6)

Individually supervised clinical experiences including diagnostic and therapeutic activities. Practicum agencies include both inpatient and 30

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