Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1973-1974

outpatient facilities, public school systems and college counseling centers. Prerequisites: P611 and permission of instructor P701 College Teaching of Psychology (2) A seminar on teaching methods including the development of course objectives, outlines, lectures and evaluations. A seminar and practicum course in case supervision. Students are responsible for supervising the professional experiences of less advanced students. P703 Organization and Administration of Psychological Services (1) A seminar dealing with administrative issues such as personnel, finances, community relations and supervision. P702 Principles and Practices in Case Supervision (3)

P711 Seminar in Ethical and Professional Issues (2)

A study of the ethics of professional psychology and relationships to other professional individuals and organizations. Special atten­ tion is given to the American Psychological Association's Code of Ethics.

P712 Independent Study (1-4)

Individual work, directed reading, or special problems under the supervision of a member of the faculty with whom specific arrange­ ments have been made. P721 Dissertation Research (0-5) Research for the doctoral dissertation including library research, field observation and research, and dissertation writing. Prerequisite: Successful completion of comprehensive examinations and permission of major advisor. P731 Internship in Counseling Psychology Professional experience in an approved internship facility. Prerequisites: Successful completion of comprehensive examinations and course sequences in personality diagnosis and counseling tech­ niques. 31

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